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Visual Thinking Tools for productivity

Do you know how much of your physical brain is dedicated to visual processing?  It's a phenomenal amount.  So, regardless of any lead sensory preference (Visual, Auditory or Kinaesthetic), everyone can benefit from Visual Thinking Tools to boost productivity.  Here's an example of what is the most valuable activity I coach teams through when it comes to clarifying any key message.  This one is an example of what I can a "Brand Spider" - Heinz being one of the clearest brands on the Market.

Heinz Brand Spider


All our In-House Programmes are adapted and tailored to enhance your existing best practice.  This means that the programme may or may not include the following essential elements of any Visual Thinking Toolkit:

  • Neuro-Associative Mapping™ techniques such as...
    • Mind Mapping
    • Flow Charting
    • Force-Field Analysis
    • Fishbone Analysis
    • Concept Mapping (precursor to Mind Mapping and with some neat tricks still up its sleeve - plus works well with Neuland Moderation)
  • Neuland Moderation (a MUST for getting more out of meetings)
  • Software tools including:
    • iMind Map (the only Mind Mapping tool endorsed by Tony Buzan, the originator of the phrases 'Mind Map' and 'Mind Mapping')
    • Mindmanager from Mindjet (less emphasis on traditional Mind Mapping but very fast for workflow with Microsoft Office products)
    • PowerPoint - (there's Gold in them there hills!  And few folks get the most from this ubiquitous product.  We'll help you stand out from the crowd and make a positive lasting impression.)
  • Cognitive Visual Thinking Techniques
    • Imagineering

[This programme contains no chanting or tree hugging!  However, a portion of the profits goes to the work of the Children's Charity, 'Compassion'.]