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“A Campaign to Sustain”

I offer Training Design in three dimensions, what I call the 3D learning archictecture of: Design, Deliver, and DNA.  Each dimension of the learning architecture is as important as the others but usually only the Delivery aspect has traditionally got the attention it deserves.  How many of us have had participants come on programmes needing to be "warmed" into the value of the event?  This is one reason why thinking of training as a campaign is a more useful paradigm than the "Event Addiction" we see in the industry.

By DNA, I mean the need to embed the learning so that it becomes "second nature" - like our own DNA.  Some visionary clients are building in the embedding campaign, the “DNA” sequencing at the Design stage.  Clients are now definitely seeing the value of follow-through to embed the service/learning concepts, but it is like driving a car with “kangaroo juice” trying to get buy-in for this follow-up work after the main intervention is done... stop… start… stop… start.  This is why I design with the end in mind - and the end in mind is to have participants habitually exhibiting new knowledge, attitudes, and skills.

 For this reason, I am seeking to get all clients to buy-in to the value of a “campaign” at the beginning of the engagement.  I think we all agree it’s close to madness for people to have their staff trained but then allow that impact to be diluted through lack of a “campaign to sustain”.  The loss of investment begins the moment the participants return to "normal" work to face an in-box full of good reasons not to reflect and act on their learning!!!


Layer-Cake: The Design Ethic

My design ethic leads to three phases or layers:

  • Pre-engagement – to build appropriate expectations (as with an Advertising Campaign)
  • The High Impact learning/training/inspirational events
  • The embedding of habit (over a minimum of three weeks after the programmes – but ideally over 3-18 months).


“My, What Beautiful Design…”

I’ve also got excited about Adobe’s InDesign recently (since it gives me a way to articulate my accelerated learning design principles through beautiful layouts of materials [both eBook-wise and for traditional publishing]).  This means that I can now help you design, deliver and follow-up your message (making it habitual and cultural DNA) using compellingly beautiful training materials.  Thus the success of your initiatives are assured through:

  • Adding in the Accelerated Learning design sensibilities at the beginning of an initiative (you can watch my 'how to' videos here)
  • Articulating the concepts through beautiful materials that can be shared both electronically and in print  
  • Making sure there is consistent follow-through to maximise ROI.