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Accelerated Trainer Development

The Trainer Development suite of programmes offer a thorough grounding in Accelerated Training Design and Accelerated Training Delivery - all rooted in Lex McKee's original publication, "The Accelerated Trainer."

Our Accreditation Process is straightforward, empowering and proven over the more than 25 years we've now been in professional training and development.

Click to download the above graphic in PDF format.

The above process may be simplified as a sandwich!  Fundamentally, you elect to become an accredited "Accelerated Training Designer" and/or an accredited "Accelerated Training Deliverer".  Having made this decision, you carry out a Benefits Analysis of your Learning Organisation's training needs.  The idea is that you will build your skills and confidence in Accelerated Training whilst developing and/or delivering a programme that applies Accelerated Learning in the workplace.  If the Benefits Analysis identifies one of our existing AL Programmes (see the green examples on the graphic), the process is much faster.  You simply attend a programme as a full participant, you then co-present a programme, finally sole-presenting an assessed programme - and provided you've done your homework agreed in our 1-to-1 Coaching Sessions, you get signed off as successfully accredited.  Your progress is then monitored from that point onwards for the duration of any licensing agreement between us - meaning that you stay supported, updated, and up-skilled.  This tried and tested approach is guaranteed to boost your confidence alongside building your skills-set, and, furthermore, all our programmes will help your Learning Organisation function more effectively.

As a common example, most Benefits Analyses highlight Speed Reading as a perceived need in all Learning Organisations.  You may thus decide to become accredited to deliver our "Speed Reading" programme in-house and alongside this you can build all the evidence required to become accredited in Accelerated Training.  Many organisations find that their research actually highlights a need for various aspects of what we call our 'Productivity Suite' - Neuro-Associative Mapping for organising, planning and presenting; Speed Reading; Touch Typing for productivity and health; and, usually, some form of Time Management programme.  Since you can choose more than one option, it makes sense for an organisation to build a complete curriculum for professional development, allowing the designated trainers to achieve their accreditation as a by-product of helping the organisation become more effective.  And... if your organisation is in the habit of cross-charging for programmes, the training accreditation costs are usually more than covered by the income generated from the increased portfolio of programmes on offer.

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