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Touch-Typing - Quick Thinking on Your Fingertips™!

Attention all Call-Centres - without a fun and effective programme like this, you're hurting your employees and your profits... read on to discover how you can avoid Work-Related Upper Limb Disorders...

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers. Isaac Asimov

With this programme, you can learn to touch type in less than four hours.  That's if you're happy with learning the Alphabet keys.  I also deliver an advanced version of the programme that covers both the Alphabet AND all the other keys in just one day together with short-cuts for Windows and Microsoft Word® that will instantly boost your productivity.

Attention all Executives:

If you're paid to think more than paid to type, this programme is ideal as part of my one-on-one coaching and mentoring for peak performance.  It works with other modules (time management, speed reading, graphical thinking skils, thinking on-the-spot, presenting yourself etc) to give you the full set of skills Leaders of Industry like you need to manage yourself, your time, and your commitments.

It's Fun as well as Effective

I teach this important set of life-skills using ALL the senses!  Most of our programmes are sensory rich - visual, sound, practical activity - reflecting the Chinese Proverb, "I hear, I forget; I see, I remember; I do, I understand."  However, this programme goes two steps further by using taste and scent to memorise the layout of the keyboard.  It's not often that you can claim a programme is 'tasty' and in 'good taste'!  That's just part of the picture.  If you follow my approach, you are going to save yourself a whole lot of potential pain and misery.  How?  Simply because most people don't know the hazardous impact of misuse of the keyboard, seating, and the mouse.  Ergonomics and economics are at the heart of my programme, saving you time, sanity, and preventing damage to muscles, nerves, and tendons.  See these Government links to the hazards of Work Related Upper Limb Disorders: Definition + Causes

History Lesson...

The QWERTY keyboard was an innovation created to provide a work-around for a technical problem.  The commonly used keys on the first typewriters used to jam if used in rapid conjunction with one another.  Thus, the QWERTY keyboard was designed to stagger the order of the keys so that the mechanical system had time enough to reset itself.  This technical requirement (which is also why the keys are in slanting columns) soon ceased to be an issue, but QWERTY was here to stay.  One of the weirdest examples of the diffusion of innovation, the QWERTY keyboard is so widely accepted that it would take more energy to change it than to stay with the existing layout - and by a stroke of luck, it's actually very efficient.  So, it's here to stay, and we can show you how to crack the code so that you can remember it.  This is very important regardless of the keyboard's size - think Blackberry for a moment - knowing where the keys are in relation to each other really speeds up your workflow.  Our programme is rather different to other leading programmes on the market.  Our competitors teach the right fingers for the right keys - and do a very good job.  What they don't do is help you memorise the keyboard's layout regardless of size.  This means that QWERTY keyboards on small devices, like smart phones, can still cause confusion and interruption of your productivity.  This programme teaches both the layout AND the right muscle movements - so you get the best of both worlds... plus chocolate!  Oh yes, this programme is a MUST for lovers of good chocolate...


Key Benefits

  • Articulate your thoughts in a flow-state - Think on Your Fingertips™ - if you have to interrupt your thoughts to find the 'P' or the 'Q', you are in danger of losing the thread of your best ideas.  We'll show you how to mind your 'P's and 'Q's and thus become more productive, naturally and easily!
  • Preclude the agony, inconvenience and revenue loss caused through RSI or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - we teach the correct posture and correct finger choice for each sequence of keys
  • Boost your productivity by saving time - touch typing can make finishing a task four times faster!  The short-cuts alone will save you hours and the pain of over-using your mouse.
  • Apply immediately and remember the programme forever - because of the tasty and entertaining way this programme is taught!  If you're not laughing, you're not learning!


Every day you put off learning to touch-type is another day of unnecessarily wasted effort - and another day where you'll risk muscle damage, so I've made it easy for you to email directly by clicking on this link, or you can phone my personal mobile on 0 777 8 221 222

If you would like to return to the other exciting options on the In-House Programmes page, just click here.

There are superb FREE resources online that will help you integrate your skills post-programme.  I have provided some quick links below:

If you'd like to take a free speed and accuracy test, follow this link:


Typing speed test

For consolidation lessons, click on this link.

Young children may well enjoy the BBC's typing tutor.  Just click on this link if you're 7 or above!

Recent comments from October and November's programmes for BP in Texas...
“Love the music!”
“Great class!  Great music!”
“Worth having it!”
“Excellent course!  Excellent Instructor!  Thanks much!”
“The best hands on class I’ve ever taken.  Instructor was great.”
“It’s the best non-technical training I’ve ever taken.  Very interactive and useful.”
“Class exceeded my expectations.  Action plan will reinforce today’s rudimentary skills.  Very good teaching method.  Kept my interest and involvement throughout the day.”
“Great course.  Enjoyed the ‘extras’ on speed reading and memorisation techniques.  A day well spent.”
“Instructor was excellent.  He took what I expected to be a boring topic and made it interesting!  Thank you!”
“It should be required for all BP employees.  The class is really helpful.”
“This class was awesome for me, helps me with typing speed, resting appropriately & hints & tips.  Also beneficial was instructor commentary.  He was fantastic: I would highly recommend this to everyone.  Thanks.”
“Great and very useful.”
“Great class, Lex did a fantastic job.  Thanks for your patience and help.”
“Enjoyed the day, training, music & interaction!  Thanks.”
“Great class, very aware of audience :o)”
“Enjoyed the class, the instructor was very knowledgeable and easy going.”
“Great class.”
“Wonderful!  I’m glad I cam to this class. :o)”
“Excellent teaching.  Enjoyable learning.  Thank you Lex!”
“Fantastic, not a dull moment.” [A participant who'd shared with me that they thought it was going to be boring]
“Lex is an excellent instructor.  He makes the class fun, engaging, and applicable.  I learned a lot and have great tools and resources to practice on my own.  Great class!!!”

For your entertainment, YouTube actually has the real Quick Brown Fox doing his stuff:

For those bored with the same old story, here are some alternatives:

Quick wafting zephyrs vex bold Jim.

Sphinx of black quartz judge my vow.

and if you'd like to make a little more sense...

Zany eskimo craves fixed job with quilting party.

Playing jazz vibe chords quickly excites my wife.

Employee RSI from an Employer\'s Perspective

Quick summary from the above link:

  • 5.4 million working days were lost in Britain in 2003 due to RSI, resulting in an annual loss of more than a £1 billion.
  • 10% of sick notes in London, England are written for RSI according to recent research cited in the London Evening Standard.
  • ROI on ergonomics is 1:18 - so ergonomics really is economics!

Best "Testimonial" to date (22nd March 2013 programme:) Banana Fan (1)

Touch-Typing and Entrainment

Many touch-typing tutors teach touch-typing to a beat.  Having a steady beat acts as a pacing device - a metronome for developing excellence. This is whole-heartedly recommended for the serious typing artist, and so, to inspire you, here is a wonderful clip from YouTube: