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Time Management


 Benjamin Franklin said, "Dost thou love life?  Then do not squander time for that is the stuff that life is made of."

Time is worth far more than money - since money is replaceable, recoverable, renewable... but time, alas, is not.

But this is not a time for doom and gloom!  This programme has one simple goal - to help you live your life to the full.

We'll walk you through the best practical ideas to get your career, your relationships and your life on the right path.


IT’s About Time - For the Time of Your Life!

A practice orientated, practically focused programme suited to working cultures where diversity, flexibility and results are core requirements.

For Starters...

(i)    The Realist, The Surrealist, The Super-Hero and the The Saint

More of an introduction than an Icebreaker, we get the day flowing with a fast-moving, interactive card game that gets participants to recognise their unique Time Style and then give valuable feedback to others on how their time style comes across.  This feeds well into 1-to-1 coaching post-programme.

For Main Course...
There are four courses for the main course: The Planning, The Paperwork, The People, and The Prize.

1    The Planning, Pareto and Priorities
168 hours a week is it.  Regardless of role or position, we all only have 168 hours.  Thus time is one of the very few absolutely finite resources.  But not all time is equal.  This section raises conscious awareness of our ‘Golden Time’ - when we are at our best.  Not all tasks are equal either - some are more important.  Thus our key outcomes from this section are:
•    Seek to schedule Platinum Tasks in Golden Time
•    Take time for planning on a ritualised regular basis
•    Give yourself the gift of some Golden Time to check your bearings - using the Compass as much as the Clock.

2    The Paperwork
This section shares and then commits to the best tools of the trade for managing information.  ‘Paperwork’ is metaphorical as well as literal, since most of us are working towards a paperless office.
Key outcomes from this section are:
•    There should be a place for everything, and everything in its place
•    Redesigning our systems so that we don’t have to think about where the relevant information should go or where it is
•    Setting up situational ‘Next Physical Action’ lists that enable us to make the most of ‘Discretionary Time’.

3    The People
In-house programmes like this make the most of ‘Collaborative Time’ and ‘Team Time’.  There are levels of performance in teams that simply are not available to groups of individuals.  This is synergy. This is symbiosis.  Many people suffer from 'Time Worms' - parasites on our time.  Thus, we'll address this and other Time Bandit issues, and suggest some of the 'cures'.  Key outcomes from this section vary from group to group, but the focus is the same:
•    Agree and then implement collaborative working practices and behaviours that use the group’s time more effectively
•    Respect one another’s time by introducing a culture of ‘Trading Time’
•    Establish acceptable behaviours for saying ‘Yes’, ‘No’ and ‘Maybe’ (as well as 'Maybe Later') in open and game free communication - ‘Transparent Time’.

4    The Prize
Once our processes and systems are in place - we will then be able to take the longer view - the ultimate prize.  The main courses finish with an examination of how we can create our own future.  Using the metaphor of Film Production, key outcomes from this short section are all to do with each persons role in their own life drama as:
•    Scriptwriter
•    Producer
•    Director
•    Casting Agent, and...
•    ...Star!

And for Dessert...
(ii)    I.T.’s About Time
Throughout the programme we will be using and modelling technology-based tools for taking control of our time.  The concluding section will summarise the tools used, and open the door to future suggestions.
Wherever possible, we will take time to have a hands on experience of some of the technologies.
Other resource listings are also provided in a ‘What Next’ section of the course materials.

And let's not forget, there will be plenty of 'Tea Time' throughout the day to honour your body clock!

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My greatest time-saving tool (aside from being able to touch-type) is Mind Mapping.  The Digital versions also allow you to share your ideas rapidly and electronically, as well as offering some visually stunning presentaiton modes.

We all need a ubiquitous thought-capture tool!

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