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Quick-Thinking on-the-Spot - affectionately known as "Mind-the-Gap"


Without any shadow of doubt our biggest selling programme.  Why?  Well, I think it's because nearly everyone fears looking stupid and becoming a 'blathering idiot' when put under pressure, on-the-spot.

Here are some comments from the most recent in-house programme delivered at Surrey County Council...

 “Excellent mix of practical learning & humour.  ...good to bring the service together too.  Thank you.”

“Excellent material, content & delivery – would happily recommend.  All good, remember to pause.” (more at foot of this page).

How it works...

Using lessons from Theatre Improvisation, Positive Psychology and Neuroscience (the scientific discoveries of how the brain deals with numbers), you'll learn to ARTICULATE your ideas in ways that are

  • Concise
  • Clear, and
  • Convincing


Throughout the excellent London Transport system, you will hear these words of wisdom, "Mind the Gap"... you will even see the writing on the wall!  On the platform edge, the same wisdom will remind you of the power and safety to be discovered in being aware of the importance of the gap between the platform edge and the coach that will move you forward on your journey.

Interestingly, in psychology, there is a vital gap between stimulus and response.  There is a gap between our natural fight/flight/freeze reaction to pressure and the flow state that is the hallmark of excellence.  In this gap lays a moment of inspiration, an opportunity to create a lasting impression, an instant to deliver impact.

This programme helps you "Mind-the-Gap" in a way that you enter a flow-state instead of having your mind go blank.  A "gap is all your synaptic gaps need to release fresh associations that your mind can weave into the most persuasive of ways to make your point.  The programme can also help you bridge the gap between where you are now, and where you would rather be.  It will help you Brand yourself into the minds of your colleagues, customers, clients - in a way that will leave a positive, action-provoking, lasting-impression.

Overcoming Fear

I love what Benjamin Mee says in the wonderful film, "We Bought a Zoo."  To encourage his son to action, he says, "You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it."  Our programme shows you how to gain that gap for yourself - so that you can calm your fears, gather your thoughts, and make your point with confidence and conviction.

OK, enough of a gap to make a decision?  Call me personally for more: 0 777 8 221 222 - that's my personal mobile. (And if you don't have time to call me directly, my personal email is - you can reach me quickly.)

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More comments from the most recent programme (for Senior Managers and teams in Audit, Research, Strategy, and Performance Improvement)...

“I really enjoyed the training.  Lex is a great presenter.”

“Full of energy & enthusiasm.  Some great tools & tips.  It was FAB!”

“Nice build – good balance of theory & practice.  Very engaging – kept the pace.  Good, safe environment in which to try out ‘stuff’.  Learning with colleagues.  Great key trick!  Very memorable!”

“Lots of fun & enjoyably participative.  Lots of tools to take away.”

“Trainer very engaging & effective teacher.  Practicing simple techniques in safe groups.”

“Really engaging and well delivered.”

“A very helpful day, presented with humour and energy – just the right touch.”

“Better than I expected.  One of the most enjoyable training days I’ve attended.  Structure and cues & triggers.”

“Excellent facilitation – got everyone involved & feeling at ease.”



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