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(A message only for potentially naughty clients...)

I can only imagine the furore if I turned up late for a workshop - or if I didn't deliver on time.  I routinely turn up early, incur most expenditure in advance, and go the extra mile in advance.  This professional courtesy is not necessarily contagious. Small businesses like mine can spend in excess of 42% of their time chasing up payments for work that has been delivered on time, to schedule, and evaluated very well.  Suffice to say, that time could have been better spent offering support and excellent customer service instead - something  I love to do! 

Intellectual Property Rights

I've had a couple of naugthy clients pop their own Intellectual Property Rights claims and copyright notice on material I have written.  I never assign Intellectual Property Rights over to any other individual or organisation... and neither does UK Law unless there is clear legal documentation that transfers the rights.  This, I will never do.  My ideas are my livelihood, so kindly don't put your copyright on my material.

Website Terms and Conditions

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12. Special Offers. Lex Studios Ltd reserves the right to stop any special offers without notice. Complimentary vouchers may not be used in conjunction with any other special off and no refunds will be made.

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Special Terms and Conditions only for Agencies,

Individuals and other 3rd Parties

Selling on Lex McKee's Business services

I'm a nice guy... but due to significant levels of abuse of my generosity by third parties and agencies who have employed Lex McKee's services over the years, new terms and conditions came into effect as of 13th March 2010.

  • If you are a new 3rd party wanting to sell my services, I apologise for the tone of the following - the firmer tone has been necessitated by those who have come before you and have misled me about budgets, payment terms and other important matters that have then unnecessarily soured our business relationships.  Better that we are transparent about agreements up front - then we can maintain a long and harmonious, professional, business relationship.
  • Clients remain the 'client' of the third party ONLY if Lex McKee is paid in advance for his services.  Any late payment invalidates the standard loyalties and the 3rd party will forfeit their right to the client exclusively.  When selling on Lex McKee's services, the 3rd party becomes the client.  As such, I expect you to pay regardless of when or whether the end user pays you.  You will be bound by our agreed payment terms, which in these situations is payment in advance - you are buying my services and making a profit from them, so you can pay for my services before you sell them on just as in any other retail scenario.
  • Transparency is tantamount: where Lex McKee is sold into a client by a 3rd Party, the 3rd Party will inform Lex McKee of the fee being charged to the client.
  • Failure to pay any agreed sum by any agreed date triggers an administration fee of £42 ex vat per day until all sums (including the administration fees accrued) are settled in full.


New Payment Terms and Conditions as of 8 July 2011

The nature of our services means that a substantial amount of our work (save in the case of an ongoing coaching contract) is carried out in advance of any training delivery.  The training day is the final deliverable.

As the “service” is finished at this point, I expect immediate cleared settlement of the invoice.  Since this has not happened historically, I am now demanding final cleared settlement one week in advance of any delivery.

 I do NOT give discounts any more than I would consider reducing the quality of the delivery!!  Any assumed discount is merely an agreement to deferred payment.  All clients will pay the full and appropriate amount for our services.

Payment after the agreed date will attract a 20% Administration fee, ie 20% of the total invoice inclusive of VAT.  Email reminders of payment due past the agreed date shall be invoiced at £42 per email.  Written reminders chasing payment shall be invoiced at £70 per letter.