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The Accelerated Teacher

Create high-impact learning events

using Accelerated Learning techniques


About this workshop

Breathe new life into your learning design and delivery and obtain fresh

inspiration and ideas for your teaching. This workshop takes a systematic and

thoroughly practical approach to building learning events and designing

materials using Accelerated Learning.

Learning effectively is one of our brain’s natural strengths - this programme

puts more joy back into the learning process. It’s all about learning

successfully - naturally!

You will come away with a greater knowledge and skill in being able to

design and deliver learning interventions that create greater impact, in less

time, with deeper development of long-term sustainable change in your

learners and organisation.

Key benefits

  • Deliver key messages in a shorter time-frame, with greater impact
  • Absorb and apply a systematic approach to Accelerated Learning design and delivery.
  • Develop deeper, long-term sustainable change in your students.
  • Return to your daily design and delivery tasks with fresh inspiration and motivation
  • Acquire a wide range of practical Accelerated Learning techniques
  • Increase your level of motivation to try new techniques and approaches to learning and development


Loose Agenda*

09.00 Refreshments and Registration

09.30 Mindset and Mindsetting - getting ready to learn

  • Preview of the Systematic Model
  • WII-FM - your goals for applying the learning
  • Brainwaves and emotional states
  • Learning to focus
  • Mindscaping

10.15 Entrance - making sense of new material

  • Formatting for all learning styles
  • Framing for all learning types
  • Brain Breaks

11.00 Break

11.15 Switch Ownership - transferring ownership of the


  • Multiple-Ways to make the learning intelligible
  • Scenario-based learning
  • Professional Development Game Plan

12.00 Store - making learning ‘sticky’

  • 5 Core Principles
  • Mnemonic Systems

13.00 Lunch

13.45 Act - elevating confidence to the level of competence

  • Belief systems and confidence
  • The role of Gameshows

14.00 Go-Again - how to achieve permanent transformation

  • Review - rhythms and music
  • Rehearsal - proactive review
  • Reflection - deepening the memory traces

14.45 Break

15.00 Engage - creating future success

  • Templates for success
  • Future signs for action
  • Why visioning works
  • Designing for Success - your own project
  • Feedback and evaluation
  • What Next?

16.30 Close

(*we say “Loose Agenda” because of the highly interactive nature of this workshop.

It is not uncommon to spend more time on “Mindset”.  The programme content is

supported with 12 weeks’ worth of follow-up material – one email per week.)


Lex McKee

This workshop is presented by Lex McKee, author of ‘The Accelerated Trainer’

and ‘7 Ways to Upgrade Your Brain’. Lex is CEO of Entertrainment Ltd and

its new iCademy, organisations specialising in applications of Accelerated

Learning. As a Producer, Lex also creates audio, graphic and video-based

materials to support the integration of Accelerated Learning.


“Lex took my training and development team through an accelerated

trainer’s course and the impact was immediate. Not only did it inspire and

enthuse the trainers, but they are also now getting fantastic feedback from

customers. Lex's techniques have resulted in comments from participants

such as 'the best course I have ever been on' , and departmental managers

have told me about the difference the training makes to their staff

compared to more 'traditional' courses. The accelerated learning techniques

mean that learning really sticks, and this in turn means better performance

back in the workplace.” Ron Skea, Dundee City Council