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The Accelerated Trainer

Masterclass II



Double the length of 'The Accelerated Trainer Masterclass' I ran for Training Journal, this two day programme will really let educators (trainers and teachers) get practical with applications of Accelerated Learning.  The programme builds around an NVQ-Style Desgin and Delivery Framework.  Educators will be able to:

  • Design or redesign their own programmes, in keeping with our current understanding of how best to work with the Brain's natural learning and thinking processes
  • Deliver learning interventions that will engage, inspire and motivate their participants to action
  • Take the next step towards accreditation as an Accelerated Learning Designer, an Accelerated Trainer, or an Accelerated Teacher.

Open Programmes in Dorset run according to demand, throughout 2014-15

The Masterclass runs with small numbers - between 6 and 10 participants.  This alllows for higher-quality one-to-one leader and peer coaching.  Please let me know your desire to attend asap.  The programme is hosted in beautiful Dorset so it's a great idea to budget some extra time to enjoy the sites. We have our own Steam Railway, abundant restaurants, and some of the best beaches in Britain.

Investment.  You'll get out of the programme what you invest in it.  I have plenty of suggestions for pre-work if this is of interest.  There is also a significant amount of follow-up (12 weeks, in fact) to ensure your ongoing success.

If you email me by clicking on this link, I will send you a course outline, then we can discuss how well the programme will suit you. 

Alternatively, you can view the outline online by clicking here

Finally, a more detailed overview of the model can be found on my YouTube channel.  That link will take you to the 8 minute introduction!  Kindest Regards, Lex.

Lex, My Team Can Only Do One Day!

Time is precious, and this is about Accelerating the Learning process after all.  If you are constrained so that two days is impractical, I can share the theoretical model in one day.  This will still have plenty of practical exercises but there will not be time for your team to work on their own projects.  To augment this shorter training, I offer pre-programme and post-programme mentoring to achieve a similar result.  I say 'similar' because there is a difference in the dynamics of team learning compared to mentoring.  One is not better than the other - they are just different.