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Speed Reading

This is one of those programmes that just 'does what it says on the tin!'  It is very easy to learn to read faster yet maintain or improve your levels of comprehension.  In fact, here's some feedback from the latest programme (30th Nov 2011), "This will probably be the most useful course I will ever do.  Lex is a fantastic trainer - would consider other courses if I knew he was delivering them.... Lex is amazing.  Keeps everyone engaged all day."  And, that, for me is the key - Speed Reading is engaging (NOT boring!)  Come and experience just how much fun it is for yourself!

This programme is about those three key benefits:

  • Read Faster
  • With equal or greater comprehension, and
  • Greater memory recall.

The Flow of the Programme

The Agenda of the day follows a logical flow of 13 Steps. How much time these will take always depends upon group ‘process’ and progress.
The basic philosophy is simple and proven – I orchestrate a steady series of cumulative ‘Aha!’ moments that layer skill upon skill.
This means that participants boost their own confidence as their successes become self-evident.

The 13 Steps are as follows:
1. The surprise discovery of where we really are starting from (both in terms of words-per-minute and percentage of comprehension)
2. A clear declaration of what it realistically possible (and it’s good news)
3. The one ‘trick’ that will boost concentration and comprehension almost without effort
4. Muscle exercises to promote eye health and fitness
5. Clearing the mind for enhanced concentration
6. Clearing the emotions for enhanced motivation
7. Four benefits achieved through one simple technique of guiding the eyes’ movements
8. Widening the angle of vision
9. Broadening the zone of vision
10. The role that motivation plays
11. The most amazing way to boost speed without effort – motorway reading
12. The power of the BIG Picture Preview
13. Rhythm reading to maintain and improve all progress so far.

I prefer to keep a sense of mystery about what some of these mean since I really do believe the ‘Aha!’ moments are part of the magic of this programme. It’s always a delight to me when participants, time after time, say to me,

“I thought a programme on Speed Reading would be boring, and am amazed at how much fun it was.”

Special Requirements

All participants are asked to bring a non-fiction book with them that they've been looking forward to reading.  It must be graphically rich - ideally with graphs, or diagrams, photographs or illustrations liberally spread throughout the text.  This is used for introducing one of the key techniques in Step 12.

If you'd like to talk to me about this programme asap, my personal mobile is: 0 777 8 221 222 - or you can email me by clicking on this link.

If you would like to return to the other In-House Programmes page, simply click on this link.

Delanceyplace published an interesting article about Speed Reading, which you can read here.

iMindMap Trial

...and there's not much point in understanding the text if you cannot remember it, is there?  At the core of every Rapid Reader's repertoire should be skill in Mind Mapping.

The above banner will let you download a free trial of what I consider to be the most beautiful of the software programmes that help you to Mind Map effectively.

Beauty is memorable.