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Mind Mapping - the Art of Thinking

Tony Buzan, the inventor of Mind Maps, rightfully makes much of the way that Mind Mapping draws upon the preferences of both the Right and Left Hemispheres of the brain.  Whilst scientists seem to constantly change their minds over how the brain works, I can safely assert that both the science and art of thinking are well served by the technique and thought-architecture of mind mapping.

Personally, Mind Mapping released my inner artist.  I had accepted self-imprisonment of my artistic talent when my art teacher made it clear that I wasn't an artist!  What a huge responsibility teachers have to encourage and draw out people skills and belief in their potential rather than crush them.

Tony, through Mind Mapping, convinced me otherwise.  With the rise of interest amongst adults in drawing and colouring, I think now is the best time for Mind Mapping to become the focus of "The Art of Thinking."

Can Zentangles Help?

Zentangles are becoming very popular in the UK, as in other nations.

For me, this can only be a good thing.  Our physical memory can play a powerful role in helping us capture, clarify and communicate information - and Mind Mapping with a Zentangle edge can help us do this creatively.

Do you know how much of your physical brain is dedicated to visual processing?  It's a phenomenal amount.  So, regardless of any lead sensory preference (Visual, Auditory or Kinaesthetic), everyone can benefit from Visual Thinking Tools to boost productivity.

I am keen to work with organisations, trainers and teachers to play my part in restoring the joy of purposeful art to the office, home and classroom.  Mind Mapping save time and improves our quality of thinking, but more than that, it is emotionally satisfying.  Let me help you to rediscover your inner artist - an artist with a mission!

Worked Example of a Heinz "Brand Spider"


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