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Pricing, Terms and Conditions

#1 Introduction

By far our largest expenses are incurred through the costs of marketing and chasing payments. Where work with a client precludes these two outlays, dramatic cost savings can be made. These costs may be precluded by repeat business and advance payment respectively.

#2 Standard pricing per event

New clients should budget for £5000 ex vat per event.

This typically represents:

£3000 per day delivery (inclusive of travel time but exclusive of travel, accommodation and materials)

2 days preparation and briefing at £1000 per day

Time in our Studio is charged at £800 per day (or part thereof) if you settle after the event, £500 if you settle in advance.


#3.1 Advance Payment

Where a client is happy to settle in advance of delivery, the typical saving is 20% on a project - representing the saving in administration costs. This represents an example where:

£2500 per day delivery (approximately 17% saving)

£750 per day preparation and briefing (25% saving)

#3.2 Multiple Bookings of 6 or more in one year

#3.2.1. Payment post event (30 days invoice terms)

£2200 per day for delivery

£600 per day or part thereof for preparation and briefing

#3.2.2 Payment in advance of delivery

£1800 per event

£500 per day or part thereof for preparation and briefing

#4 Materials

LearnFast World and Lex Studios use unique materials. This includes PinPoint Creative Facilitation, and full colour printed resources using inkjet (and NOT laser) printing. Inkjet materials allow participants’ inks to bind over the top of the printed page - precluding the smudging problems associated with laser printing.

In a typical interactive workshop where the venue supplies a ‘beamer’ projector and 2x flipcharts, the extra investment would be:

PinPoint facilitation boards @ £30 per board per day - minimum of 4 boards per facilitation day.

PinPoint paper £1 per sheet (typically need 8 to 20 sheets)

PinPoint trolley resources (use of pens and consummables) £50 per day

Bose Pro Audio sound system £30 per day

HD Video Camera £200 per day

Printed Materials (all colour-inkjet produced)

A4 per single-sided page = 55p

A4 per double-sided page = 80p

A4 Laminate single-sided = £3

A4 Laminate double-sided = £5

A3 per single-sided page = £1.10

A3 per double-sided page = £1.50

A3 Laminate single-sided = £6

A3 Laminate double-sided = £10

A5 card workshop booklets = £6 per 12 sided booklet

Audio CDs to support learning @ £5 per CD

Other material costs to be agreed - dependent upon workshop content.

#5 Mileage is currently charged at 40p per mile

#6 Accommodation. Must be non-smoking and paid by client in advance. If it is necessary for us to pay, a £25 surcharge will be added to your invoice.

#7 Cancellation terms

Between 22 and 28 days before an event, 25% of the delivery fee will be charged to your account

Between 15 and 21 days before an event, 50% of the delivery fee will be charged to your account

Between 8 and 14 days before an event, 75% of the delivery fee will be charged to your account

7 days before an event or less - the full fee will be charged to your account

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