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Presentation Skills


Drawing on our experience in both media and message delivery, we offer, on request, small group presentation skills workshops and coaching.

The programme is tailored to the members of the group, and may cover all or any elements from the following:

  • Getting more from PowerPoint and other computer supported presentation options
  • Making your point persuasively (with elements from our Quick-Thinking on-the-Spot programme)
  • Preparation short-cuts to save you time and increase your impact.

Our approach includes the use of professional video techniques to give participants

  • increasing confidence in front of the camera
  • a very clear 'before' and 'after' evidence-based record of their progress
  • a permanent resource for post-course review and coaching

It has been said that, "Power corrupts, and that PowerPoint corrupts absolutely!"  This is inaccurate.  We all have been subjected to the so called 'Death-by-PowerPoint' presentations at Conferences, in Meetings and on Workshops.  If this has happened, it is merely because the presenter does not know how to use the tool appropriately.  A chainsaw in the hands of the untrained is a dangerous proposition!  PowerPoint, Keynote and other visualisation programmes are power-tools. Used appropriately, they can be stunning, memorable and effective.


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