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I am an Organisational Ecologist...

...which means that I believe that "sustainability" is in your best interests.  Everything worthwhile and fulling in your life and business can be enriched through sustainability, and energised through inspiration and motivation.  This is why I seek to design and deliver training that is creative, entertaining and sustainable.  The programmes inform, influence, and inspire with integrity - empowering you to manage your information, influence yourself and others to peak performance, and inspire those around you to achieve their goals.

Practical Examples

If you believe, with me, that "the pen is mightier than the sword," you'll love this year's new product and process.  The thINKpen® - designed with you in mind - is a good example of a practical learning tool.  This four colour-process allows everybody to tap into more of their psychological and intellectual potential.  How?  By ensuring you get to apply the full spectrum of thinking skills when planning a project, preparing a presentation, managing a meeting, or conducting staff reviews.  Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come - and the thINKpen® will help everyone to articulate their ideas in a way they can action them.

Thinking-On-Your-Fingertips is another good example.  This is my way of teaching touch-typing - a skill for life - in less than 3 hours!  Using chocolate, computer games, fun exercises, and accurate metrics, I can help you think-on-your-fingertips, instead of losing your valuable ideas because you cannot type fast enough.

Without Sustainability, Training is a Joke

Training’s a joke - sometimes a laugh, often a jolly, but always a joke!  What do I mean?  Well we’re all having-a-laugh if we think we can make a difference by having a training day, in a nice hotel somewhere, yet with no follow-up.  People are just too busy - too busy to integrate their learning and to transform good intentions into habit.

When training then doesn’t work, the whole industry gets a bad rap.  This isn’t an issue with training, it’s an issue with the process of learning.

Excellent training needs to be as structured as A B C.  The A is some kind of Advertising campaign build-up to the training - setting great expectations.  The B is Brain-befriending learning using accelerated training techniques to engage the learners- hearts and minds.  The C is the all important Consolidation after the event to make sure the learning sticks and makes a difference.

If we do all the A B C stages, training will really be a good joke.  A good joke has three elements:
•    The material has to be good - the joke has to be funny
•    The timing has to be excellent, and
•    The frame has to be brilliant - it’s not the jokes folks, it’s the way you tell them.

Here, at Entertrainment®, we (like the vast majority of our fellow performers) write good material!  The difference is in our timing and in the way we tell the ‘joke’.  We recognise that the good joke needs an A B C - a build-up, the punch-line of great content, and excellent follow-through to keep the audience laughing.  We also recognise that training needs to be delivered over an extended time frame- in partnership with the learner and their organisation.  Training also needs to be delivered with style, with panache, with aplomb.

More than this, training also needs to be tailored to each individual audience.  We have many off-the-shelf offerings, but the real journey begins with you - finding out what would work for you.

So, here’s my personal phone number: 0 777 8 221 222 - let’s talk about how we can make a difference, and try real training for a change.


If you prefer other forms of connecting other than the phone, I've provided a link to our contact page.

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