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Entertrainment® with Lex McKee is training and education wrapped in magic, mirth, and music... and it works - just like a kind of magic!

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Our top level offering is three-fold: to Learn, to Engage, to Live Life to the Full.  My organisations have specialised in Learning techniques since 1985.  Learning is the foundation upon which Engagement is build (both "Employee Engagement" and the engagement that comes from personal and professional coaching).  Then, for sustainability, we help Organisations and Individuals take our "Life Test" to discover whether they are living a life to the full... and if not, to discover how to get there.

You're so welcome to the home of Entertrainment® in Europe.  Entertrainment is 'entertainment with an educational message'.  In our case, this is usually articulated through dynamic delivery of training programmes that transform organisations, charities and individuals.  We are dedicated to one simple proposition: if you attend one of our programmes, your life will be better! Our unique delivery style is epitomised in our registered trademark: Entertrainment®.  The lead trainer is 'Lex McKee', and if you'd like to know more about how specifically you will benefit from Lex's unique approach, you can click on the link now!

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Album of the Month: Rush 2112

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From Prog Rock to Progressive Training...

Last month we mentioned our "NEW and available NOW: Catch 22 - Design, Deliver, DNA"

...because the training is only Day One...

The Holy Grail for Learning, Training, and Development is Sustainability.  Our new service works with new and existing training programmes to design naturally successful programmes, deliver them with you, and, most importantly, helps you embed the learning so that it become habit or what we call "Second Nature" - making it part of the organisation's DNA.  We all need to make sure Training pays, so make contact!

Following this up, Rush's 2112 summarises our approach to Total Training - Progressive Training - for those organisations who have a budget for results.  The concept is blissfully simple: 21 days of follow-up post event (whether that be a webinar, Word doc, or a workshop), the 12 (x2).  The first 12 is = 12 weeks - what we call "The Season of Review" ie. 3 months.  The second 12 is = 12 months.  This is where we create artifiacts, tools that will keep the learning "in-sight, in-mind" for the whole year post the launch event.  This means that learning and training becomes a proper strategic campaign rather than a lame, "let's try this and hope that something sticks."  You know, as well as I do, it doesn't stick - simply because people are too busy to practice their new attitudes, skills, and knowledge until it becomes habit.  We are the addictive habit forming company!  So, make contact!


NEW for Summer 2012 "The Power of Perception" Taster Sessions with "Magic George and Paul Miller"

If you are interested in our programmes, we can run an interactive taster session for you based upon the fascinating topic of "The Power of Perception".  The short session will provide you with many "Aha!" moments to explain why we are so often, so easily, misunderstood - and provide pointers to how we can persuade others more effectively.

NEW for Executives!

With the success of my Touch Typing programme, I've realised that many executives would prefer one-on-one coaching and mentoring for enhanced performance.  This means that I now offer a performance curriculum where you can privately learn to master your mindset, your time, and your commitments (staff, clients, supplies... and family!)  This is an individualised service - so call me on my direct mobile number: 0 777 8 221 222 or email me at my personal email address:

Part of a Group of Creative Companies

Lex Studios Ltd runs a wide range of in-company (in-house tab), in-school, charity, church-based and small group workshops in Accelerated Learning applications. As well as working within your organisation, we also offer professional, career and business development opportunities through coaching and accreditation to run our programmes in-house.  This is our International Site.  If you are based in the South or South West of England, you may like to visit our sister site which has short videos introducing some concepts and services.  For Dorset Training's local site, click on the hyperlink.

Applications of Accelerated Learning using Entertrainment® for all organisations, staff, students, and schools including (alphabetically by Subject Area) :

→ Accelerated Learning
Accelerated Teaching
Accelerated Training
Customer Care
→ Entertrainment®
Influencing Skills
Leadership Development
Living Organisations®
Mind Mapping
Negotiation Skills

Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Presentation Skills
Speed Reading
→ Software Training
Teacher Training
→ Team Building
Thinking on-the-spot
Time Management
Touch Typing

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Our aim is to empower you to live ever more of a "life to the full". How? By transforming the way the World thinks... through better ‘software‘ for your mind! The way you think creates the results you achieve and the way you feel. Change the way you think and the world will change too!

'Rolex' or 'Timex'?

I like Timex watches.  I like trainers.  I'd really like a Rolex.  Just one.  And there, in a nutshell, you have our Quality Statement.  We're more interested in delivering top quality than competing on price.  Been there; done that; got the (cheap) T-Shirt and threw it away because it didn't wash well.  If you want mass produced 'cheap' training - training that does the job just 'well-enough' -  you are on the wrong website!  All of our Lead Trainers have 20 years or more experience as inspirational educators - as Entrainers.  And that's not 1 year's experience repeated 20 times!  We only work with Entrainers who are constantly seeking to improve their content, delivery and follow-up.  The fact is that the clients who have valued our work most highly (in terms of the investment they are prepared to pay) have been the clients who have got the most value - and those who've taken the most action up what they've learned.  Strange but true.

Call us if you do want a dedicated consultant who will stay with you for the duraiton of the project - our brand is our people - pure and straight-forward.


The Accelerated TrainerAll of my programmes are based upon a design framework called "MESSAGE".

This framework was published in my book for Gower Publications.  The last few copies of the hard-back first edition are now available from me directly.

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"People ask me what I do, and I answer that I am in the business of transforming people's lives and businesses for the better... How?  By using Accelerated Learning in helping you realise for yourself new patterns of thinking, and new patterns of behaviour.  When you change your thinking, and when you change your behaviour, you change your world...  Only you can change your history." Lex McKee, Author

So, what is "Accelerated Learning" - well, it's exactly what it sounds like: learning at an accelerated rate.  Most people associate "learning" with some kind of lesson, workshop, or seminar.  I don't.  I know that doesn't go far enough.  The learning event is only day one of at least a 22 day period of integration.  Thus, for me, Accelerated Learning means the fastest way from inspiraiton to action, from "Aha!" to habit!

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