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The Neuro as the New Currency of Recognition

The vast majority of people are starving.  Their bellies may or may not be full, but their souls are starving for recognition.  A humorist once observed, "I was so poor, I couldn't even pay attention!"


This is the new currency I have invented to destroy recession!  The Flickr link will enable you to download and print out for yourself a higher resolution version.  Then you can get spending.   "The Neuro" - is a "unit of positive attention".  Examples of spending Neuros would be listening to someone without a) interrupting, and b) thinking about what you're going to say next!  Every genuine compliment, or "thank you!" is a Neuro being invested.  It's a great investment because many people will match your investment and return it with interest.  With so many employees starving for attention, Living Leaders would do well to invest this vital life currency in their people.  The returns will make it worth it.

The alternative is the negative behaviours we all tend towards when we don't get enough attention!