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Negotiating for Nice People*


Gavin Kennedy declares, "Everything is Negotiable."

Whilst I'm not sure I agree, I do assert that this is a useful belief.  Everyday you are negotiating

  • with yourself - your various interests, ambitions and desires (often conflicting)
  • with others - at work, at play, at home

So the bottom line is this: great negotiators get more out of life and promote a 'win-win' ethos everywhere they go.

We'll share with you how!

This is probably our most important programme for "Nice People"!  (*Nasty Negotiators need not attend... and that's not negotiable!)

If you're a 'normal' and 'nice' person, I can guarantee your better nature is being taken advantage of.  This programme will help you remain true to your high moral values, and yet, at the same time, make sure you get a fair deal.  We will get you to a place where you will be treated with the respect you deserve.

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iMindMap Trial

Negotiating Skills is very much about understanding psycholgoical and pragmatic "maps" of the "territory".

You'll need to be very clear on your proposed destination, and plan your route to this.

Understanding the maps of the other parties involved and demonstrating this can really help you build rapport - and avoid road blocks and pot holes.

Mind Mapping is a core tool in creating win-win successful negotiations.  Clicking on the above banner will enable you to download a free trial of perhaps the most beautiful (and therefore compelling) Mind Mapping software on the planet.