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The Luke "Type"

The Evangelist, Luke:

  • The "Good Doctor" - naturally a pastoral role in the Body of Christ
  • Always thinking about people and relationships first and foremost
  • Caring, sharing, counselling

Luke is represented by the "ox" in the history of church imagery (man, eagle, ox, lion).  Christians who manifest the strengths inherent in the Luke-psychological type will have a heart filled with compassion, a diary full of telephone numbers... and not much time to themselves!

Luke was the "good Doctor" - a physician whose prime concern was the well-being of others.  This is evangelism through practical love.  Does this mean the other types don‘t care about people‘s well-being?  Of course it doesn‘t mean that!  What we are talking about here is prime-focus (a bit like the Prime Directive in "Star Trek"!)  Mark-types focus on the numerical extension of the Kingdom through traditional evangelism.  Matthew-types focus on the priestly ministry within the Church, bringing believers to maturity through proper doctrine and strong discipleship.  John types bring a prophetic flavour to the proclamation of the Gospel - often with an eye on Power Ministry... Luke-types?  Well Luke-types are the most thoughtful, loyal and considerate.  Their evangelism is as powerful through a cup-of-tea or a bowl-of-soup or an hour on the telephone listening properly to what your needs really are.  Need a hug?  Need a helping hand?  Need practical love?  Find someone who‘s a natural Luke-type.

Luke-types, like the Ox, find comfort in the herd.  They are team-players, wanting to make a contribution to the well-being of the whole fellowship.  This is the energy that drives all pastoral ministry.  Also, like the Ox, Luke-types can carry great burdens.  This makes them natural intercessors - though they do have to be careful about taking on so much that they don‘t have time to look after themselves properly.