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iCademy will become the point of access for our on-line Bible Study and Ministry Development Programmes.

Our sister organisation, "Entertrainment Ltd" is a world leader in Accelerated Learning techniques - or what we prefer to call, "Naturally Successful Learning."  Part of our Mission is to make these techniques available for the most important area of study: The Word and The Way.

As well as traditional Theological Exegesis, iCademy will offer programmes in Ministry, Worship, and Dynamic Christian Living.  Bob Dylan, who joined the faith for a while, issued the challenge to show him someone who knew how to live a life of love and other Christian values.  One of the great opportunities facing the Church as this point in time is understanding more of "the how to" of Abundant Christian Living.

We also have a WordPress Blog for Messenger Ministries and a Facebook Page.

I'd warmly invite you to connect and to share.


Through our ministry to the corporate world, we have benefited from many insights into what makes people work well with each other in harmony.  Paul pleaded with Euodia and Syntiche to get on with each other!  Through the grace of God, we‘ve learned some great ways to make this easier.  So, our training offerings include ways to tap into the vast wealth that God has given us:

  • A Wealth of Ideas
  • An abundance of time - when you know how to make great decisions and take action
  • A Wealth of Relationships
  • A Wealth of Meaning and Purpose - what we call "Significant Wealth".

Christians are sometime not so wise in the ways of the World.  We can help with training to provides the practical wisdom necessary to live an abundant life as Jesus intended for us.