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The Fellowship Game

understanding yourself, appreciating others, and each finding our place in the Body of Christ

"The Fellowship Game" is an interactive set of activities revolving around your natural personality preferences.  We live in a time where Divine revelation is being rediscovered by modern psychology and passed off as if the world‘s psychological insights were their own original thoughts!  This is not so!  Psychological preferences, Emotional Intelligence, Accelerated Learning - all have their original roots in Scripture.  Here at Messenger Ministries, we are taking back the Kingdom by rightfully reclaiming key insights from the Word of God that have been hijacked by humanistic psychologists.  These discoveries are often practically useful for Christians seeking to grow and mature in their faith - especially when it comes to understanding ourselves and others - and our most appropriate ministry roles in the Body of Christ.

Our loving Heavenly Father encourages to have faith that we are the way we are for a reason - He has a purpose for us just the way we are.  We are encouraged to see "godliness and contentment" as "great gain" - rather than seeking to change how we look, what we own, and other aspects of our lives that the fashion-driven world pressure us to change.  The excellent J B Phillips translation of the New Testament quotes Romans 12:2 in this way:

Don‘t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God remake you so that your whole attitude of mind is changed.



The Fellowship Game will help you and your congregation, fellowship or church organisation discover how your natural, God-given strengths, are of vital importance to the Body of Christ.  Beginning with a fun, interactive card game, you learn about yourself, about how other people see you, and what this may mean for your role in the fellowship.  The activities can take as little time as 20 minutes, or you can benefit from our whole day fellowship workshop - leading to greater understanding and harmony in your church.

We accredit facilitators in the use of the game, the other exercises and the Scriptural principles behind the model.  The process begins by one of our trained facilitators coming to your fellowship to minister the activities.  Then, if you think you‘d like to share with more people in and around your fellowship or organisation, you can come on our trainer-training.

The game works with groups of all sizes, with one game-pack working for a group of up to 12 participants.

If you would like us to come to your fellowship or organisation and work with you on this important project, you can email Neil directly by clicking on this link.