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Messenger Ministries - How it all started and where we are going!

What you can expect from Messenger Ministries

Our Ministry is threefold:

  • Delivering teaching in the Word, backed up by dynamic vindication of that Word through the fruit that follows
  • Developing resources for Contemporary Worship - leading to the breaking out of the blessing of the Holy Spirit we call the "Corporate Anointing"
  • Disseminating learning resources so that all Christians in Fellowship with us can access and absorb more of the Word.  We live in an age enriched by technology.  Messenger Ministries and this International Internet Church will be equipped to offer Podcasts of key Scriptural content, backed up by CDs and Graphical Materials that will help those of the community of faith keep His Word in-sight, in-mind, day and night.

What we believe:

  • The death and resurrection of Jesus is fundamental to our faith - if there is no such thing as the resurrection, our faith lacks a firm foundation; the Cross was the decisive turning point in history.  When Jesus declared "It is Finished" - He meant what He said
  • The Word will not return to God without accomplishing the purpose for which He sends it
  • The Scripture has the power within it to bring itself to pass
  • We should have His Word on our lips - ready for every challenge and opportunity
  • We are not meant to journey through life on our own, but in fellowship with the saints - however, the World has changed and new avenues of fellowship have opened up through the Internet
  • Worship is the most direct way to manifest His Presence in our lives
  • Corporate worship has a greater impact than inpidual worship
  • The ONLY thing that counts is faith expressing itself in and through love 


My Personal Story...

I formed the Ministry shortly after giving my life to Jesus in 1979.  Rom 12:2 just leapt off the page at me one day - something we traditionally call the "quickening" of the Word.  I knew my mission from God was to teach and preach the transformational Word of God, so that minds would be renewed - leading in turn to real-world-transformation of lives here and now.  I certainly was NOT interested in "religion" but was VERY interested in a personal faith that could make a difference in day-to-day living.  There is a hymn that says, "What a friend we have in Jesus..." and that was the Friend I discovered.


Of course, at 18, I knew it all - I already had all the answers, so I thought - and was an arrogant little "saint"!  Off to Bible College we went as a family to exercise diligence in preparing for the ministry - my wife working hard so that I could "study to show myself approved, a workman who need not be ashamed but who correctly handles the Word of Truth."

After taking secular jobs while we waited for a ministry position to become tenable in our home church... I finally entered into full-time ministry.

Arrogance is not a good foundation for ministry, so let us just say that I did not last long in full-time ministry in that first "Act" of the drama of my life.  The last 29 years have been a tough period where it has oh-so-slowly dawned on me that any work of God had to begin with God working on me as the basis - and God continues to work on me, in me, and by His Grace - through me.  Part of that journey included an astounding 10 years of turning my back on all the great blessings there are to be experienced by walking in fellowship with God and His family of believers.  These "wilderness years", however, have been very beneficial.  I now really have a heart for those who have doubts and ask the awkward questions - "Why does a loving God allow suffering?"  "Why aren‘t my prayers answered?"  "How many times will God forgive me when I keep on doing the same old stupid things?" "Can I really be a christian and have these thoughts that trouble me?"

The result is a ministry that focuses on Jesus primarily through the Word of Grace and the freedom of Worship, and is followed through with a real preparedness to listen to the deep issues that Christian can often have with their faith.  At the end of the day, the only thing that counts and endures is love.

I‘m confident that not only can we be a blessing to you, but that you can also be a part of this ministry as an outcome from our work adding to the success of your own journey with Jesus to a more and more abundant Christian lifestyle.

Peace, joy and love in Him


Director, Messenger Ministries

Host, Messenger International Internet Church