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One Jesus, Four Gospels; One Body, Many Parts

Have you ever wondered about why we have Four Evangelists giving us the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John?

The Lord knows what makes us "tick" - and has provided different emphases to suit different ways of encountering the living Jesus.  Perhaps you have caught yourself being surprised at the many types that make up the Body of Christ - one body, many parts.

The Scriptures clearly reveal that we are whole people, yet made up of spirit, soul and body.  Jesus came to minister to the whole person - there is no Full Gospel without expressing Jesus‘ ongoing ministry of healing our bodies, souls, emotions, minds, and even our material well-being.  Salvation is not just about our spirit being born again.

We are encouraged to "work out our salvation" - to work at becoming more like Jesus.  So, here at Messenger Ministries, we‘ve produced a fresh resource to help Christians understand themselves and one another at a psychological level.  This, with the right facilitation, lead to:

  • Greater appreciation of our own unique gifts and place in the Body of Christ
  • Greater appreciation of the value of other people‘s differing gifts and callings
  • Greater harmony, understanding and fellowship in your church
  • Appropriate expressions of love in your fellowship.


 To find out more about each type, click on the links in the column on the right hand side.