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The Lex Media Group Mission

Our mission is straightforward.  We are seeking to produce the most engaging, inspiring and innovative instructional DVDs, CDs, software and on-line learning ever produced.  These products all bear our hallmark: they capture the imagination and harness our audience's motivation.  Furthermore, all our products are designed to engage 'Multiple Intelligence' allowing all our partners in learning to integrate new attitudes, skills and knowledge in the style that is their natural 'best fit.'

Working with the opportunities afforded by current technology, we will nevertheless readily embrace new technologies as they develop, with the ongoing aim of making learning a naturally successful process. 

We are seeking to attract collaboration with the brightest and most innovative minds, artists, and media professionals.

We are beginning this process with the production of innovative audio learning.  Currently, we are innovating in three areas:
. In the use of binaural recording to add a sense of reality to our inspirational recordings
. In the development of our 'FM' series for corporate universities - enabling staff to make the most of their time for learning, whilst minimising time away from their daily routines
. In the research and development of compressed audio for accelerated learning.

We are always open to collaboration with like-minded organisations, and offer rewarding opportunities for investors.

If you would like to know more about any of these exciting initiatives, you can email Lex directly