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The Ministry of Music @ The Church of Rock

From the earliest accounts of David using music to free King Saul's troubled spirit, music has been a tonic for personal transformation.  Music has always been an important part of our workshops and the very signature rhyhtm of our business.  I'm told that I sing all the time - though I am often unaware of this - music is at the core of my being - I have a Signature Rhythm, and so do you.  Certain artistes, albums, songs, and sounds resonate with you because they are in-sync, in harmony, and in tune with the very music of your soul.  Rhythm speaks to the body, melody to the soul (mind), and harmony to the spirit.  Humans are like clockwork - they have daily rhythms and ultradian rhythms that happen in our bodies in an even shorter time frame - even in a heart-beat.

I see it as part of my "Ministry" to use Music for Good.  As such you can expect a series of sermons to inspire, not so much from The Good Book, but from the Great Album Guide.  For example, check out my Sermon on the Fourth Book of Zeppelin, Chapter 4... a "Stairway to Heaven"...


As part of my "Ministry" I offer absolution for those folks who are "wasting" their rent, children's interitance, or salary on expensive musical equipment!!!  To book a Confession Session, call 0 777 8 221 222.

Key Note "Sermons" from the History of Rock

As of April 2013 I am beginning work on my "Signature Sermon Series" - using Wikipedia's Top Ten Songs Collection to identify the music that has touched most people.  You can download an interactive Mind Map with links by clicking here.  This will only work in Adobe Reader - not the online file that displays.  The benefit, however, will be that you'll have access to all the hyperlinks to the articles on Wikipedia.  The Sermon Blogs will be at simply because it will be easier for SEO via WordPress.  (Below is an example of what the expanded interactive map will look like.)

The Academy of Rock

I'd also encourage to check out the harmonious work of Peter Cook at The Academy of Rock.

Sermons for a Secular Society - from the Corporate Chaplain