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Welcome to the Home of Messenger Ministries - a UK-based Internet Ministry - with friends around the World - dedicated to sharing the Word, Worship and Wonderful Fellowship

With the transformation of international communications through the internet, there has come an opportunity for new kinds of fellowship - online, in contact, 24/7.  Our own International Internet Ministry is for a very special type of Christian.  Firstly, you will be tired of being "beaten up" from the pulpit!!!  Secondly, you‘ll appreciate the power of Worship as one of the most effective ways to meet with God.  Thirdly, you‘ll believe that the day of one-man ministries is past - that whilst we all need each other - we don‘t need anyone to get the blessing of God for us.  We are all equal before Him, with equal access to the Divine Throne of Grace.

The Word... which includes "Judge Not!"

One of the shortest verses in the Bible is where Jesus says, "Judge not."  That‘s pretty concise, isn‘t it?  Paul also said that he didn‘t even judge himself.  Over our years of ministry, we‘ve met hundreds of Christians who beat themselves up every day... and then, when on Sunday, they hear even more input on how bad they are, this comes as a welcome confirmation of their poor (and unBiblical) self-image.

Jesus‘ mission was clear - to be an example of what was possible through spiritual rebirth and the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  When the disciples woke Him up in the midst of the storm, He clearly expected that they should have rebuked the winds and the waves.  God‘s plans for us are to take dominion in His Name.  So if you are in the habit of beating yourself up, remember, God has forgiven us - period.  It is almost as if Jesus‘ last words on the Cross split time in half.  His final words were: "It is FINISHED" - a term that means the debt has been paid IN FULL.  From that point on, sin has no dominion over those who believe in Jesus.  This is the first key benefit of fellowshipping with us is that there will be no condemnatory content in any of the text, audio or video publications on this site.  There is now NO CONDEMNATION for those who are in Christ Jesus.

The Ministry was founded in the early 1980‘s after it became clear that our calling was to be based on Romans 12:2 - Transformation through Renewal.  This is the ministry: positive transformation - truth that sets you free, not drivel that brings you down!


Worship is one of the most effective ways to connect with the Holy Spirit and bring Heaven into our earthly experience.  With copyright law being what it is, it is problematic to upload top worship tracks on to this site, but we will be acting as a forum for sharing worship songs that are currently touching the hearts of those in fellowship with each other through this site.

Wonderful Fellowship

Ever been brought down by a Christian - criticised, condemned, judged?  It‘s bizarre, isn‘t it?  We are God‘s agents of freedom and Good News on the Earth, and so often we can miss the plot completely.  As the site develops, we trust we will have a forum for positive encouragement for one another.  Fascinatingly, in Hebrews, it says we are to ENCOURAGE one another DAILY.  If we don‘t do this, we stand in danger of being deceived by sin.  That‘s powerful stuff.  So, this site is DEDICATED to ENCOURAGING YOU!!!

Our belief is that Christians can experience a quality of life here and now far beyond that enjoyed by most of the population.  Why is this?  Jesus was explicit in His offer: "I have come that they may have life, and have it more abundantly." (Jn 10:10).  There is an abundant life to be enjoyed by any who will call upon Jesus and accept both His forgiveness and His Lordship in their lives.

What does this Abundant Life mean?

  • Forgiveness of every sin, mistake and unkind act we have ever done
  • A fresh start
  • The joy of knowing God is supporting us every step of the way through life
  • The joy of a dynamic relationship with God and with His Family, the Church
  • Healing of all manner of sickeness - spirit, soul and body
  • Abundant resources to live life to the full

If this sounds like a "Health, Wealth and Prosperity" Gospel Ministry, we would have to say that we are not ashamed of God‘s will to give us a future and a hope - He has declared His plans for our welfare and prosperity (See Jer 29:11).  However, we also believe that the walk of faith is a complex yet rewarding journey, and the will of God in each specific situation is something to be sought whole-heartedly.  The bottom-line is that we live to glorify God whether in health and abundance, or in trials and tribulations.

The site is divided into main sections as labelled on the tabs above.

  • Home - this section with its frontpage access to our News Feed, Motivational Moments, Forums, and Ministry Podcasts
  • Explaining our faith
  • iCademy - our online Bible School going live when the Lord wills and diligence persists!  Until then we have articles and resources appearing on a regular basis via our Facebook page and WordPress Blog
  • Ministry - all about us, our roots and God‘s Mission and Vision for the Ministry - including a description of how ministry gifts can differ
  • The Fellowship Game - our interactive session for churches - helping people discover their ministry and also how to appreciate the ministry of others.

Thanks for logging on to our site, and we look forward to you joining a community of faith, in love with Jesus.

Peace, Joy and Love in Him


Director Messenger Ministries