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Media Development

I Am an Intellectual Property Developer!

Whether it's getting your message out as a book on Kindle, or preparing a video for YouTube, shooting your Corporate Photos, or creating a PDF book for your clients - I can help you develop your Intellectual Property.

Bluntly, we know the truth of these three statements:

  • Faith comes from hearing
  • Believing comes from seeing
  • Credibility comes from reading - seeing your work in writing - "it is written" will always have impact.

But... I meet many business-people who are just too busy to write.  Many cannot touch-type, and so the prospect of hunt-and-pecking their way through their notes becomes a massive hurdle.  Consider, instead, the pleasure of meeting someone who not only will do all that chore for you, but who will actually enjoy writing on your behalf.  As a professional communicator, with a love of English Grammar, and the ability to articulate ideas quickly on my finger-tips, I can remove those barriers to getting your message out there - especially on the Kindle platform. 

What a great time to teach, train, coach, learn, or build a business.  I am constantly delighted with how increasingly useful the internet is becoming AND with how practical it is nowadays to create media-rich instructional material to support 'live' delivery and your corporate messages.  More importantly, building Intellectual Property Assets builds a future for you and a legacy for those who follow.  Your own books, blogs, tweets, audio recordings, videos, can all become seeds for change - and a promise of a better future for the lives you'll reach.  I can help you.

As a motivational speaker myself, I have a Recording Studio designed to meet the specific requirements of speakers, presenters and narrators.  We also have a large video and photographic area that can be used for Chromakey work - allowing us to record and then place you on video in front of your Powerpoint Slides or other instructional resources.

You can see the studio for yourself at or by clicking on this link.

Your ideas can be articulated using a wide range of media - from printed resources through to web-based video and eLearning.


Adobe InDesign and Photoshop

I have useful experience for you to benefit from.  After years of designing our own training programmes, I am in a position to help you with training design, and in the design of visually-rich training materials.  My familiarity with Adobe's InDesign and Photoshop packages means that I can help you articulate your ideas in print, on-line, and produce it for iPad and other tablet formats.  Couple this with my long-term familiarity with Accelerated Learning techniques - and you're sure to get content that engages, sticks, and provokes positive action.  If you would like to discover more about my unique learning architecture and design ethic, have a look at my Training Design page.


And if you want to learn to Do-It-Yourself, remember I can teach you to touch-type and help you learn other software that will help you articulate your ideas, your vision, your purpose.