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The Living School

Few would doubt that our School Days are the most important foundational days for our lives.  As such, they must be placed in the hands of teachers who teach as a vocation - not a mere job or even a career.

If our School Days are meant to be the best days of our lives - we need a new kind of school - a "Living School" - and we need this fast, so we need "Accelerated Living Schools."  That language is ambiguous so let me clarify. These are schools that use Accelerated Learning to drive academic excellence, but who go much further to ensure that they have a vital role to play within the community and in preparing our children (our future) for Living Citizenship.

The Accelerated Learning School taps into the rich resources of two life models:

  • Accelerated Learning and Teaching (MESSAGE)
  • A Framework for Living (MNREGRS)

The iMind Map above is a fusion of both models - and a strategy that I am happy to take senior staff through when they plan to revolutionise learning, teaching and community engagement.