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Living Leadership



Living Leadership is a model for dynamic, sustainable, and vibrant leadership.  It mirrors the important models found for vitality in Nature.  You can download a higher resolution version of the Mind Map here.

The model suggests that Living Leaders are always moving, always feeding (themselves and others) with inspiration, motivation, information, and communication.  Living Leaders reproduce excellence - in corporate culture, talent, and skills.  Living Leaders know how to deal with setbacks and they are efficient at removing waste.  Living Leaders are always growing - learning, expanding the business and their circle of influence.  Living Leaders exchange with others - the role of respiration in living organisms.  Living Leaders are also highly sensitive - to themselves, to their colleagues, to customers, to clients, to competition and to the community.


Living Organisations from Lexi McKee



Here's to the crazy ones - Steve Jobs Tribute from m2o on Vimeo.