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Living Coaching - Your Life to the Full

"The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases" Carl Jung


Can I help you discover fresh direction in your life?

Yes, I can!

Can I help you enjoy stronger confidence in yourself?

Yes, I can!

Can I help you develop new competencies, capabilities and capacity?

Yes, I can!

Can you get a transformational experience through any other Coach?

Of course you can!  But it won't be the same.  The connection between your coach and you is unique, special, it cannot be copied.  So the truth is, you can't get this experience anywhere else than through our connection.

Am I vital to Your Future Success?

I might be!  We won't know until we discover what you want for your future.

You know, you really can't get this experience through any other Coach.  I couldn't see the point in offering an experience that others could copy - my clients require something so amazingly different that they might just want to keep me to themselves!  What I can share with you has taken me 30 years to refine and test.  Now you can be one of those who can benefit... if the chemistry is right.

Who is this for?

This is for individuals who know there has to be more to life.  This is for entrepreneurs.  This is for those who lead in their organisations.  This is for those who want to take more control of their own future.  And that last part is vital because so many people have lost a sense of connection with their future.  Many are just ticking over day-by-day hoping life will get better.  Well, for Lottery winners that can be true but until you win the Lottery, why don't you work with me to take back control of your future?  We'll work on what we call your "Memories of the Future" - a way of programming in your psychological GPS so that you head in the direction you really want to be going in.

What can I deliver?

Scientific research into the evidence-based approach to building happiness states clearly that 40% of your happiness is within your hands.  10% comes from 'stuff' working well in your life.  50% is genetics.  Bluntly, then, if you're a miserable sod, I can help you become up to TWICE as happy as you are now!!  I deal with "the other 50%" - beyond genetics.  Of course, if you're a happy bunny already, I can't double your happiness, but I promise you we'll have a lot of fun trying together.

How does it work?

The unique interaction begins with a commitment from both of us to two hours of our time.  During those initial two hours, we check your reality for the opportunities that lay ahead, and we begin to uncover your unique "chemical catalyst" that will enable you to create your future.  You have inside you the ability to create an experience that people cannot get from anyone else.  We need to find that uniqueness - as unique as your DNA - and get your message out there.  There are people hungry for what you've got!

The first two hours can happen face-to-face or over Skype.  You invest £2700 as a sign of your commitment - and if you are not satisfied after our two hours, I refund £2000!  Why not refund all of it?  It will be impossible for us to engage with one another and for you not to benefit from the unique creative thinking processes.  Not a single client so far has asked for a refund.  I am totally confident that your life will be transformed for the better after our coaching engagement.  (The Coaching Engagement is usually a lifelong partnership currently at £5000 per annum; my capacity is for 12 clients only as I have other businesses that require the rest of my time.)

Open a New Door to a Better Future

To open this new door to a better and brighter future, email me at - let's get it started!

Oh, BTW...

All good stories have a theme tune.  So, in true Ally McBeal style, I've got to ask you, "What's your Theme Song?  ...You need a Theme Song..."  What a great episode that was with Tracey Ullman!

We need your leitmotif for the wonderful drama that's about to unfold!


"That's the best coaching session I've ever had - the most centred, focused, and present.  Thanks Lex!!!"

" the perfect cabbie - even without asking, you took me precisely where I needed to go..."


And here's the evidence.  This is one of my newest clients, who tracks their mood on Moodscope. Moodscope allows you to see your fluctations in mood according to 20 rapid indicators each day.  The graph speaks for itself, doesn't it?

So if you're 'stuck' and not living that 'life to the full' that you could be.. call me!  0845 2300 747

The Spiritual Aspect

"...whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life."  John 4:14. 

"Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them." John 7:38. 

I am not Jesus (but I know His material quite well!)  I mention these Scriptures here because I believe living a life-to-the-full is about being in a 'flow' state.  You should feel energised and engaged every day.  Your ideas should flow.  Joy should flow.  If it doesn't, you need some Living Water.  My coaching process is designed so that out of your innermost being will flow rivers of living water - life force - joy, peace, love, kindness, goodness.  Rivers - not a trickle.  Without the flow, you're living the low life; you can be living the high life - so take action and go with the flow!  Don't live the low life, live the flow life!

OK, so what are the 5 major flows I can help you with?

  1. CashFlow - not much happens in the physical realm without the cashflow to fund it.  I can show you how to create wealth that can sustain the kind of life you would rather live - life you'd recognise as a life to the full.  Even if you are in financial trouble now, you can be financially free by 2020.  This is why I call it my 2020 Vision.
  2. ThoughtFlow - everything is created at least three times: in the imagination, as a blueprint, in the physical realm.  The 'Family Business' is Creativity.  It is your creativity - your ideas - your wisdom - that will create your future.  The ideas must flow...
  3. TimeFlow - if you love life you cannot afford to block the flow of time because that is the stuff that life is made of.  You must control the flow of time which means manage your actions.  I can show you how.
  4. EnergyFlow - it's pretty hard to achieve anything if you're feeling ill or have low energy.  Together, we must find your passion and then the healthy lifestyle that will help you fulfil your passion.
  5. AttentionFlow - this isn't "attention" in the sense of "focus" or "concentration" - that's a part of ThoughtFlow.  No, this is about the very currency of life - positive attention.  ALL of the above is meaningless without love!  Sounds way too tree-huggy for me but I still understand it.  What's the point of doing anything if it is just for us alone?  Relationships are what really matter, so I work with those I coach to make sure positive attention is being exchanged and is growing in their key relationships.  That's the real "feel-good-factor"!

A Final Word About "Therapy"

I am not a qualified psychologist... most coaches are at pains to emphasise that they are not therapists and that coaching is not therapy.  They are business coaches.  I think this is a fundamental misunderstanding of life and coaching.  My process is about YOU... all about you... all about all of your life.  If you're feeling lousy, guess what will happen to your business performance and creativity?  So, if you find the process therapeutic (even though I'm not a psychologist) know that's good for you!!!

And just for laughs...

This is why I avoid the word "Facilitator" as much as possible...