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5 Growth

Growth - It what specific ways is your Organisation growing?

True Living Organisations® exhibit growth.  Growth in Living Organisations is always positive, sustainable and balanced.  The growth happens at the micro-cosmic and macro-cosmic levels - that is to say that we are interested in each member‘s personal and professional growth, but also in the collective growth of the organisation.

From Metaphor to Explanation to Action

Organic, non-destructive, sustainable growth should be at the heart of all Living Organisations.  We seek to make and leave the world a better place - to have a positive ecological impact.  I am using ‘ecological‘ in both literal and metaphorical ways - corporations MUST change to have a beneficial literal ecological impact on the world in which they live, but more than this, they can have a metaphorically ecological impact on their world.  This may be through any idea or invention that creates a better life for all associated with the organisation, its products and its services.

The more obvious growth areas are in Continuous Professional Development, yet even here, Living Organisations are distinct in the holistic nature of this professional development.  Attitudes are seen as important (and more important if truth be told) as skills and knowledge.

Living Organisations are opposed to downsizing and rationalisation for short-term economic gain - always investing in the long-term growth potential of the organisation and its capacity.  Resources are held ready for investment opportunities, as opposed to readiness for a ‘rainy day‘.

Growth is also understood as seasonal.  It is not necessary for the organisation to understand health in terms of constant growth - instead, there are times of consolidation and celebration, fruitfulness and rest.  This maps well to the patterns we see in Nature‘s models of sustainable growth, and makes sense of the reality of product life-cycles.

Growth in a Living Organisation may be multi-directional.  Lateral growth into sister industries and new markets may also be matched by the development of a deeper root system in research and development.  Collaborative growth is also a valued option, through strategic alliances with organisations sharing similar purposes and value systems.

Times of fruitfulness are used to fuel next season‘s growth and development of new products, services and markets.