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3 Reproduction

Reproduction - How is your Organisation safeguarding it‘s organisational DNA by reproducing everything that is good, true, noble and excellent within it?

There have been several fascinating studies of charismatic or strong leadership in organisations that lacked a clear succession strategy.  When the leader (or ‘Head‘ in a bodily metaphor) leaves or is cut-off(!), the body flounders like the proverbial headless chicken.  This is NOT the way of Leadership in a Living Organisation.  Living Organisations replicate their excellence to ensure the vitality of future generations.

From Metaphor to Explanation to Action

Fresh blood and DNA.  There is a healthy balance in Living Organisations between the need to develop our own leaders from within and the value of injecting fresh blood and DNA from the gene-pool ‘outside‘ the organisation.  This healthly outward focus is also expressed in re-invention through comparison with best practice outside the organisation.  Living Organisations never know best, but retain the humility necessary to continue learning, growing and reproducing excellence.

Reproduction is THE universal creative expression of a living organism - and thus Living Organisations are pro-creative.  As such, the new, the novel, the innovative is always welcomed as a potential pathway to a positive future.  Creative potential is corporate potential.  This means that the environment within a Living Organisation is a creative and innovative environment - and one which is content to challenge existing ways of operating.  Each new generation holds a different paradigm, and it is the challenge of leaders to explore these paradigms whilst holding on to all that is good and useful from the organisations esteemed heritage.

Reproductability - if there is such a word - is an important emphasis.  Living Organisations get results - but more than that, they get results that others can repeat.  This need to be able to reproduce excellence is supported by an Accelerated Learning environment, strategy and systems.  Clear examples of this would a move in Living Organisations away from sensory deprivation and toward sensory enrichment.  Gone are the flickering flourescents glaring off institutional grey and buff paint-schemes.  Welcomed instead are the factors that stimulate the senses - colour, natural light, ergonomic furniture, textures, fresh air, energising and relaxing fragrances, social areas, reflective space.  All these contribute to the sense of ‘this‘ being a good place in which to reproduce!

Creativity is systematically pursued - time and space is given to it as an end in itself.  Ideas are a currency valued in and of themselves (we call the currency the ‘Neuro‘ in Living Organisations).  Good techniques and practice would include the attitudes and practices of the 3M approach, and the systematic lateral thinking approach of de Bono‘s thinking tools.