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2 Nutrition

Nutrition - What kinds of nutrition your Organisation feeding on?

Living Organisations feed on the energy rich food of encouragement, movtivation and empowerment.  They have removed the junk food of criticism, gossip and slander from their daily diet.  They also have reduced the fat content of too many emails, memos and meetings!

From Metaphor to Explanation to Action

Living Organisations cultivate low-threat, high-engergy environments in which to live, move and have our ‘being‘.  Communication is open and honest, nourishing a sense of trust and transparency.  There is no fear of expressing oneself - so that real issues can be faced rapidly and effectively in the early stages - keeping issues small rather than waiting for them to reach crisis point.

The energy of empowerment is released where every member knows clearly the situations in which they may act without referral, the scenarios in which they need to refer, when they need to defer to their upline and when they need to steer well clear of a situation!  This contributes to the sense of safety needed to stretch one‘s abilities.

Members of Living Organisations know about the subtleties and ‘chemistry‘ of communication - leading to congruent communication where they may truly influence with integrity.  Their communication is authentic, congruent and ‘game‘ free.

Living Organisations are also learning organisations - and thus the value, fun and importance of learning is celebrated as a healthy form of nutrition leading to personal, professional and corporate growth.  Learning, knowledge and communication go hand-in-hand, so the future vitality of the organisation is assured by regular exchange of fresh insights and discoveries.

Leaders in Living Organisations don‘t feel the need to know everything, nor to control everything.  While they keep the organisation directed towards the corporate vision and away from danger, every member has a role in feeding in ideas, concepts and knowledge to the collective blood-stream.

Finally, nutrition is based upon values.  Members of Living Organisations have a healthy intolerance of limiting beliefs and values, and a refreshing openness around sharing their values and beliefs.  Diversity is encouraged, welcomed and embraced - with members actively seeking the areas where beliefs and values are compatible and supportive of the corporate vision.