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Living Organisation in everday life

Living Organisation - designing for a ‘life-to-the-full‘

Once we accept the reality of Living Organisations®, the next logical step is to think about Living Organisation.  How can we build support systems in our environment that will encourage a ‘life-to-the-full‘?  How can make it easy for us to habitually benefit on a day-to-day basis from the Living Organisations philosophy?

There are a range of options we can begin to pursue immediately:

  • ergonomics in every aspect of the home and office
  • environmental enerichment to encourage your natural creativity and fruitfulness
  • sensitive strengthening of community networks for work, rest and play
  • sustainable practices in building, transport and working habits such as energy use
  • moving towards a positive ecological footprint
  • saying ‘yes‘ to renewable and recycled resources

It's all ONE system - so enhancements in one aspect synergistically impact the whole system.  Any action you take towards more sustainable organisation and working practices has to enrich all involved.  This is the win-win or "symbiosis" inherent in all well-balanced ecosystems (and economic systems!)