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In House Programmes

The Power to Influence, Information Power,  and the bonus The Power of Ideas

We run programmes under the three headings, 'Influence', 'Information', and 'Ideas'.  Whilst there is more to be learned in life than this, we believe that those who consistently apply what can be learned under these three titles will enjoy career success and life satisfaction far beyond that of most people.  'Influence' is about managing self and managing others; 'Ideas' is about creating more options and alternatives for yourself and others; 'Information' is about managing the massive amounts of daily data we all need to master within the narrow time frame we all share: 168 hours per week.

The Core 8

The Power of Influence Programmes

The Power of Information Programmes

And after the 8 Core Programmes, I have the bonus programme for those who want to go that extra mile that creates excellence and sets us apart from the mediocre...

The Power of Ideas Programme


The Certificate in Professional Effectiveness

All of these modules work synergistically to form our 'Certificate in Professional Effectiveness' programme.

We have, after many years of trying to find other organisations to accredit our work without bogging it down in bureaucracy and unnecessary costs, decided to just do it ourselves.

 My logic is simple:

·  no one knows the programmes better than those who deliver it. 

·  They have an existing relationship with the participants already, building upon that developing trust though the post-programme accreditation.

·  Thus they are in the best position to accurately not only understand the true business needs, but also to assess and coach candidates – usually in situ.

This means that the Certificate is far more likely to impact positively in achieving the organisation’s goals rather than merely being an exercise in paperwork!

If you are interested in the Certificate Programme, individual modules, or in having one of your own staff to deliver the Certificate internally, you can call me personally on my mobile - 0 777 8 221 222, or use my direct email by clicking on this link or by using the direct address: