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iCademy - the 4 Rs to Academic Excellence



To follow in Spring 2013, there will be links to:

  • iRead - our Speed Reading methodology
  • iResearch - how to create Mind Maps as a Research tool
  • iReview - how to review your learning and discoveries at the right time in the right way
  • iRecall - how to boost your memory recall of any subject (other Languages, Arts, Sciences, English Language and Literature)

Driving what we do is self-belief: iCan.  Renowned coaching expert, Paul Miller has a unique approach to this motivational energising force, and leads our programmes on how to boost your confidence and manage your state-of-mind.  Paul's programme is the foundation that is best laid before developing the 4 Rs that lead to Academic excellence, exam success, and great positioning in the league tables!  You can email The Character Coach directly: