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Our HARPractitioner Programme is Neuro-Linguistic Programming for a new generation.  It is also for those with religious sensitivities.  Those of us who have experienced Neuro-Linguistic Programming may have been put off by the 'New Age' flavour of much of the training.  I have no interest in becoming a Shaman or in channelling some supposed spirit or ancestor - in fact, I'd be horrified by such occult practices.  Sadly, these are often aspects of what appears to be 'professional' NLP training.  HARP arose out of a need to provide pure no-nonsense business and professional NLP Training with no hidden agendas.  That may sound like a reaction to the negative aspects of NLP Training (and it is) but there is a much more positive driver for our HARP programmes: a desire to fuse useful NLP insights and practices with Transactional Analysis and other great behavioural breakthroughs from the last 50 years.  As such, HARP may be fresh, but it has an amazing heritage.

Definition of 'HARP'

HARP is an acronym for: Human Associative Re-Patterning.  It seems to me that this is at the heart of all successful personal and professional transformation.  We change our patterns of association, and in that moment of new frames of mind, discover new options, alternatives and pathways to excellence.  The content of our programme is what I'd describe as an NLP Practioner Plus programme.  You'll get all the classical benefits of an NLP education plus invaluable inputs from other great psychological traditions.

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