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Entertrainment® Means...

Entertrainment® is the purposeful fusion of training and entertainment.  It is education with an engaging purpose.

Most subject matter means that this can be fun as well as effective.  Here's a classic example of "the spirit of entertrainment":


Entertrainment is rooted in "Entrainment"

And here is the best physical demonstration I've yet seen on the concept of sympathetic oscillation...


This all goes back to the inventor of the Pendulum Clock, Christiaan Huygens, who discoved this "odd sympathy" between two of his pendulum clocks when they were on the same surface. Isn't science cool? When humans interact sympathetically in a system, they too entrain - they synchronise. From heartbeats, to speech-rates; from biological cycles (yes, ladies that's why it happens), to excited states at a football game or motivational seminar. We 'catch' each other's state of vibration!

And whilst the brilliant town planners behind this innovation in Montreal may not have realised the depths of their insight, turning a bus stop into a set of swings is creating the ideal environment for human entrainment.  Marvellous!