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Training with Lex McKee


To go straight to the dedicated page for touch-typing, you can click on this link

If you want to live life to the full, this website may well be for you.  So, welcome to my local website for individuals, businesses and educational establishments in and around Dorset and the South West.  Whilst I enjoy working Internationally (that's me grinning at you above), my preferred base is in Swanage, Dorset.  Dealing locally enables me to provide more face-to-face meetings which means that communication works more effectively.  If you'd like to read a brief summary of what specifically I can do for you, follow this link.

Any training, coaching and media provider can offer the above benefits when they are in the neighbourhood of their client base.  So what makes my company so special?  One word: Entertrainment®


Entertrainment is a fusion of Entertainment and Training.  It is 'Entertainment' on purpose.  At its most straightforward, Entertrainment is entertainment with an educational message.  Entertrainment is the deliberate harnessing of emotive and entertaining delivery of each key message combined with a motivating call-to-action and ongoing support.  When an audience is engaged, inspired and clear on what's required from them to get outstanding results, performance can naturally and effortlessly leap ahead.  This performance can be sustained through on-going, motivating follow-up - which can easily include face-to-face coaching in the local area.

Am I better than other training providers?  I always think that is a ridiculous claim.  Is 'Mozart' better than 'Beethoven'?  The answer depends on your tastes - not my claims.  I am unique and I am different, but better is not a claim I'm making - that's for you to decide.  I do, however, have four unique aspects of Intellectual Property that you'll not get anywhere else.  'Entertrainment®', as mentioned, plus 'Living Organisations®', the 'MESSAGE Model™ of Accelerated Training' and our 'HARPractitioner™ Programme'.  In 2013 I added the practical tool: thINKpen® - a four-colour pen that helps you think more effectively on every occasion.

'Rolex' or 'Timex'?

I like Timex watches.  I like trainers.  I'd really like a Rolex.  Just one.  And there, in a nutshell, you have my Quality Statement.  I'm far more interested in delivering top quality than competing on price.  Been there; done that; got the (cheap) T-Shirt and threw it away.  If you want mass produced 'cheap' training - training that does the job just 'well-enough' -  you are on the wrong website!  I have more than 25 years experience as an inspirational educator - as an Entrainer and Entertrainer.  And that's not 1 year's experience repeated 25 times!  I am constantly seeking to improve my content, delivery and follow-up.  The fact is that the clients who have valued my work most highly (in terms of the investment they are prepared to pay) have been the clients who have got the most value.  Strange but true.  If 'Quality' eclipses 'price' in your heirarchy of values, give me a call on my direct mobile: 0 777 8 221 222!  You can also get me directly on my personal email:

Kindest Regards



It was great to be a phone-in guest on Jon Cuthill's BBC Radio Solent slot on Touch-Typing (12th August) - if you'd like to learn how to touch type in a day (or less!) follow this link.

2014's 'Certificate in Professional Effectiveness Programme consists of the following modules.

Modules are the first Wednesday and Thursday of every month and there are three ways to make substantial savings.

Visual Thinking Tools - using Mind Mapping  (for Programme profile, click here)

Taking Control of Your Time (for Programme profile, click here)

Speed Reading (for Programme profile, click here)

Thinking on-the-Spot "Mind the Gap"  (for Programme profile, click here)

Customer Delight - our InFluence programme (for Programme profile, click here)

Cre8tor-Innov8tor (for Programme profile, click here)

Entertrainment Masterclass for Educators (for Programme profile, click here)

The location of each programme will be dictated by where the majority of participants are based.  We have sites in Dorset, Oxford and London.  Email me your interest at



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