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Customer Delight

Our 'Customer Delight' programme was inspired by this Brand.  Why?  Well simply because of that word 'Delight'.  As a customer, I don't want 'Customer Service' as this is usually 'done to me' according to some dreadful service givers' manual.  So many organisations are under the delusion that when they have done what it says in the manual, the Customer should be happy!

'Customer Satisfaction' is a much better term because it can only be determined by the Customer.  The Customer alone can decide whether or not they are satisfied.

But I want more.  'Satisfactory' is an inert word and usually an euphemism for 'OK' or 'mediocre'.

This is NOT the stuff of legend nor of passion.  I want to be DELIGHTED as a Customer!  And I want to DELIGHT my own customers.

Does it happen?  Yes, and with increasing frequency.  So much so that in 2012 I instigated the "Oomph!" + "Spark!" awards for delivering "Customer Delight" - and I have been delighted by the number of service givers who are getting it right.

If this is something you want to promote and encourage, this programme is definitely for you.

The FAB Lab,  our Customer Delight programme

‘Customer Delight’ is a secret three step programme that, when followed, will lead to your colleagues, clients and customers associating your name and department with "excellence".

We all really want to be "Fabulous" - so this programme helps you to recognise, nurture, and release the inner "Fabulous You"!  When we give or receive Customer Delight we tap into the golden nature of the nostalgia we feel towards our childhood dreams.  Your remember that time?  It was a time when the world was fair, and decency ruled the day.  It was a time when the future was full of "Bright Hopes" and our ambitions were fresh and exciting.  This nostalgia for the past never leaves us but rather forms a foundation for our values that we judge current day experiences against.  Resisting it is pointless because it is good!  When modern day standards don't match up against what we believe to be right and appropriate, we have to deal with the paradox, otherwise the violation of our values generates psychological stress.

This programme says, "Your Values are OK!"  It then shows, in three easy steps, how to restore those values to your modern day working practices.  Whilst I have developed the FAB Lab framework for this programme - it wouldn't work unless I tailored it to your requirements, so let's talk.. [Click for Contact]

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