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Here is where you can find a thoroughly pragmatic way to make training pay.  It's fun, focused, and financially proven.  Experienced trainers will gain a fresh sense of motivation, direction, and purpose.  Those new to the training role (including managers who need to train staff on-the-job as just a small part of their role) will find in it a clear pathway to training design, delivery, and to sustainable results.

Training Journal's review gave it top marks in all categories - and I didn't even have to pay them!  As far as I know, this is the only published process that clearly marks out the phases, the competencies, and the tools required to make learning stick (and therefore 'pay').  The backbone of the book is an NVQ-Style set of competencies which has been continuously refined and updated since the book's original publication by Gower.

The system itself is easy to remember since it links to the mnemonic word: M.E.S.S.A.G.E.™.  "MESSAGE" was chosen because this model will also help improve all communications in any type of organisation.  It is a recipe for compelling communication suitable for enhancing an organisation's marketing, advertising, customer messaging, and employee engagement.

M.E.S.S.A.G.E.™ is explained in depth on my video page in this same section, and for brevity's sake, summarised here:

M = Mindset - nothing can be sustained without the positive-realism of a practical and open mindset.  This applies to employee engagement just as much as engagement in the seminar room - from Board Room to Classroom, we must create the ideal mindset for communication.  We must also provide an environment, a "Mindsetting" that is low in threat, high in energy and that meets the learners where they are, not where we expect them to get to!  Before we can lead learners to excellence, we must pace them in the present.

E = Entrance - there are only five Entrances into someone's heart and mind - the five senses.  Why is it then that so much corporate and educational material suffers from "sensory deprivation"?  Sensory-rich education is the surest way to connect with learners.  The more senses we use, the more the communication literally "makes sense".

S = Switch Ownership - the need to transfer the power of learning to the learners, the employers, to customers, and to suppliers.  Until we switch ownership of our key messages, we will always have to be nannying our people, or worse, policing the message.  Learners need to own the learning to grow up.  The best way to empower this is to let them process the message with their own intelligence - to interact with the material and reframe it in their own terms.  I call this "The Full Monty moment" - and you can find out more on my video page.

S =Store.  In an age of distractions and noise, it is harder than ever to make your message stick... unless, that is, you know the secrets to making messages memorable.  I was Buzan Centres Master Trainer (ie. the trainer of trainers) for many years, apprenticed under that power-house of enthusiasm, Vanda North.  If you don't know about Tony Buzan and Vanda North, they are the individuals most responsible for spreading Mind Mapping and Memory Skills around the Globe. I've learned, taught, and applied all their "secrets" which can now be yours without the long years of study I had to invest.

A = Act.  Nothing is going to happen without Action.  No movie is going to be recorded, no race is going to be run and won.  Like Janus, the two-headed Roman god, this phase and the next two phases face backwards and forwards.  In my seminars, the Action phase helps students, learners, and participants to "catch themselves getting it right" - in other words, I test their knowledge and skills so that they can experience for themselves the truth that they really have absorbed the learning.  After the programme, ongoing coaching makes it most likely that Action will continue deep into the future.  This is the key to Return-On-Investment in learning and development.

G = Go-Again - where the learners "go-again" over the learning pathways through the new three Rs: Rehearsal, Review, and Reflection.  These 3 Rs take the learning from short-term memory (a jolly day out of work learning something they'll never use) to long-term memory (a habit for life that will build your business).

E = Engage.  The second "E" in the M.E.S.S.A.G.E.™ Model is "Engage".  This is to do with the psychology of action.  Modern Humans are too busy, and their environments are too complex for them to pay attention to the most important messages,  As such, most delete, distort, or just simply forget what they've learned and the good intentions they had on a programme.  The final secret to sustainability is to create a compelling vision of future application.  Fused with the coaching commitment highlighted above under "Action" - this phase will give the learner the motivation to act continuously on their good intentions.  It is like mentally setting their brains for assured success.


Act Now To Secure Sustainable Results

The Original Print copies of the Gower Publication are nearly exhausted making this both an excellent read, but also an excellent investment.  I have less than 87 copies left.  In response to the ways that publishing is changing, I am currently working on the up-dated electronic version which will not be published in the old-fashioned way!  It was lovely to see my book on the shelves, but that system of publishing is no longer dynamic or responsive enough to the market.  So, if you want a copy of the original and the benefits of the future, you only have to contact me to find out current stock and prices for this investment.