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About Entertrainment Ltd (formerly "LearnFast World Ltd")

LearnFast World  was founded by Lex McKee - as a vehicle for sharing ideas on Living Organisations® and Entertrainment®.  These trademarks were owned by the organisation that sponsored our development over more than 11 years, Haden Freeman Ltd - headed up by Nigel Hirst.  I am profoundly grateful for Nigel's vision and generosity and support.

After some serious reflection, I felt that "Entertrainment" was at the heart of everything I create, produce and deliver, so the company changed its name to reflect this stronger identity.

I have been developing applications of Accelerated Learning since 1985 when I was first introduced to the work of Tony Buzan, Vanda North, and Colin Rose.  An ardent Mind Mapper, I went on to become the Lead Master Trainer for Buzan Centre‘s trainer-training in Europe for more than six years. My experience inspired me to write "The Accelerated Trainer" - expanded below. Since Accelerated Learning is as much a lifestyle as a set of techniques, it can be applied to move organisations well beyond being ‘Learning Organisations‘ to the increased vitality, satisfaction and longevity of Living Organisations®.

My vision is straightforward, to be:

  • The first choice provider for applications of Accelerated Learning - delivered as ‘Entertrainment‘ - emotive, motivating, and action-focused L&D
  • The best choice for Buzan-related disciplines such as Mind Mapping, and the broad spectrum applications of Speed Reading, Memory and Creativity
  • The passionate choice for programmes that influence with integrity - customer delight, negotiation skills, influencing skills as aspects of leadership and management.

to be the World‘s foremost proponent of the nature and value of Living Organisations®
to be the European Lead for Dr Susan Dellinger's PsychoGeometrics.  As such, I've begun producing PsychoGeometric Art to celebrate just how culturally significant PsychoGeometrics is to human nature.  You can see my ongoing development of these concepts on it's own dedicated site.  PsychoGeometric Art.

Lex is the author of ‘ The Accelerated Trainer ‘ (Gower; ISBN 0-566-08077-X). 

Many kind people have said gracious things about my first book.  Much of the content is now accessible as taster videos on this very site.  The Design Framework remains the same, even now - I have simply added more emphasis on the importance of building an Ad Campaign before any major learning programme, and stressed the centrality of a "Campaign to Sustain" to ensure investors in learning get a proper and ongoing Return On Investment.

An Ethical Business

Entertrainment Ltd is a business founded and managed on Christian Business Ethics.  As a supplier, this means that we will put your needs first - never making you wait for settlement of accounts unless there are extenuating circumstances.  As a client, this means we are whole-heartedly committed to listening to your real needs and seeking to meet them in collaboration with you.

And a bit about me and my beloved Mind Maps...

Described as "The World‘s Leading Evangelist for the Marriage of Soft-Skills with Software" - this is something I have championed through my belief that everyone on the planet should be able to sort their lives out with a Mind Map, on the back of a napkin in a restaurant... but also be able to transform their businesses through the use of Mind Mapping Software.  I was the first to coin the distinctive phrase ‘Analogue Mapping‘ for hand-drawn mind mapping, and ‘Digital Mapping‘ for software-based solutions, and the pioneer of "Template Maps" that are now central to the success of applications such as "Mind Manager" and "iMindMap".