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Welcome to Music

The Fast-Track to Musical Success is the place to fast-track your path towards realising your musical ambitions. Learning, recording, mixing, mastering, producing, publishing, performing, even management – we can help.

Quick win: join our mailing list to tap into group purchasing power. User groups can get great discounts when their members club together to purchase at the same time. By joining our mailing list you’ll have the option of getting great deals on key software, interfaces, controllers, and other useful music tech equipment.

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Our promise: even if we cannot directly supply what you need, we will do our utmost to source what you require from our network of reliable retailers. Just ask.

Our Mission
We are applying our 23 years of experience in Accelerated Learning to accelerating your understanding and application of key techniques and processes that empower you to express your musical ideas and get them heard and accepted by your future audiences.

We aim to combine the best ‘live’ and distance learning tutorials with the best deals on software and hardware to ensure you get the absolute best boost forward in the satisfying business of making music.

Our first programmes on Mixing, Mastering, Sequencing and Synthesis will be available by the Summer of 2005. So sign up now to be among the first to benefit from the most innovative deals in the business. If you can’t wait we recommend “Production Mixing Mastering with Waves” available from our online shop.

By registering for our programmes you automatically become eligible for your student discount on key products featured in each programme. You’d be surprised just how supportive many companies are to facilitating the fulfilment of your dreams.

Notable amongst sponsors so far are those innovative enthusiasts at Applied Acoustics who have already offered a great deal on the legendary Tassman

We have also had great support from Camel Audio, and would heartily recommend their Cameleon 5000. Find out more by following this link...

Remember, it’s easy to know more, just join our mailing list or visit the online store