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Digital Video

Lex Digital Video is dedicated to the production of professional video resources that create an impact for you that can go on making a difference for decades...

Video represents an excellent investment. On average we have 96% visual recall of a compelling image. Lex Digital Video can help you capture the imagination of your target audience.

Whether you want to create a DVD business brochure, or capture the impact of a promotional event or training workshop, we can help you articulate your ideas and broadcast your offer, in a medium that will go on producing value for your business over the years ahead.

DVD is a versatile medium that can reach audiences other media cannot. Sending a DVD business brochure says something about your company. It says you are cutting-edge. It says you harness technology to enhance business effectiveness. It says you are innovative. And it says it in a way that the vast majority of your competitors are not... yet! You have an unique message. We will work with you to capture, preserve and sculpt that unique message into a resource that can reach customers even when you cannot. This resource can even save you hours of wasted time for your sales’ force. How? With the right message, you can qualify prospects in advance, while impressing them with your professionalism at the same time! If they like your DVD offer, they’ll want to spend time with you in person. Your core message remains the same for each sales presentation, so why don’t you capture that message professionally and broadcast it to every new customer? It can cost as little as £2 per unit to produce and post - compare that with the cost of the average sales’ call

In conclusion then, we can help you create a resource that will reach your clients and potential clients when you cannot. And, if you choose to engage our services to produce an educational DVD, we can have you generating income even when you are asleep!

With thousands of marketing messages vying for your customers’ attention, video can be the difference that makes the most difference when it comes to professional impact. Go ahead, capture their imagination!

Video on-line.  As the speed of internet access improves, it is becoming more and more viable for you to present your visual message on-line.  As well as off-line products like DVDs, we can help you with on-line learning resources, and stand-alone computer-based training.  E-learning is an important part of a blended-learning-solution for any busy organisation.