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Accelerated Learning means just that - ways to accelerated the learning process.  It seems that no one has the time or patience (or the budget) for long programmes at the moment.  So, six of my programmes lend themselves to 90 minute accelerated learning sessions.  When partnered with positive follow-up, motivated staff can leap forward in their learning at 90 mph!

Here's what's on the 90 Minute Menu

Speed Reading

Your eyes move in predictable yet chaotic ways.  This means that I can help you boost your reading speed and your comprehension almost effortlessly in 90 minutes.  Yes, you'd think they would have taught this to you at school, it's that simple.

Spider Diagrams

A popular term for what are more correctly called "Mind Maps".  Mind Mapping is a time-saving, performance-boosting technique that will come to your aid if you or your colleagues seem to have thoughts that wander all over the place.  Mind Mapping helps you capture those thoughts, organise them, then act on them.  This is a wonderfully enjoyable way of making meetings more effective.  If you can think it, mind mapping will make that thinking easier and more enjoyable.

Boost Your Memory

Nothing boosts your confidence and performance like being able to remember what you need to remember.  Fortunately, we know how memory works, and there are very easy-to-apply techniques to help you on a daily basis to boost your memory.


ThinkPen is a practical tool attached to my 90 minute sessions on Psychological Types.  In less than 90 minutes you'll learn what your dominant psychological type is, and then be given a tool that will help you work with your own types and with those of others too.  Entertaining, effective, and enjoyable.

Think on-the-spot

Do you turn to jelly when put under pressure, on-the-spot?  This programme will help you learn how to buy time to think for yourself (a pause for thought) and then organise your thoughts so that you can deliver a dymanic response that will leave your listeners awe-struck... or at least impressed!

Touch Type

Touch Type in 90 minutes?  I've got to be joking, surely?  Well, I've saved the best til last - I can teach you to touch type in 90 minutes and by using chocolate!  The QWERTY keyboard is superbly designed to make the most of sharing the workload between your right and left hands.  Of course, it's not easy to remember.  My technique will help you memorise the layout of the keyboard (useful for smart phones too).  Then I'll point you towards resources that will help you practice in delightfully enjoyable ways.  And now for the serious bit... Work Related Upper Limb Disorders will ruin your quality of life.  Poor posture and keyboarding skillls open you up to a whole new world of pain.  I can prevent this.  So, not only will you learn how to touch type; not only will you be learning this with the aid of chocolate; you will also be protecting yourself from future pain!

That's all folks!  Learning at the Speed of Laughter: 90mph!


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