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January Workshop - Naturally Successful Learning


Jump Ahead in 2008 Interest in our new Open Programme (Friday 25th January, in Dorset) is increasing. This programme is your opportunity to: Get hands-on experience of our top Accelerated Learning methodologies and tools Meet with like-minded educational enthusiasts Walk away with a career-development pathway that will help you jump ahead in 2008 Your chance to become an accredited 'Registered Accelerated Trainer' or 'Registered Accelerated Teacher' begins early next year! ...[More]

A First for Velux


One of the most important aspects of our mission is to work with In-House Learning and Development specialists to deliver our key content in their own way within their own culture.  Long-term training partners of LearnFast World, Ron Skea and Azmi Basir, delivered the accredited ThinkFast programme to Velux, Scotland.  Here‘s what their participants said... "Without a doubt the most enlightening course I have attended in ages! Thinking fast is what every executive has to d...[More]

Can We Learn Faster yes we can


Can we learn faster? Of course we can! The key concept is 'Natural Learning' - because your brain is 'made' for learning and memorisation.  So why do so many of us have trouble with learning things and memorising them?  Simply because they are so BORING - they don't engage our natural skills in learning and memorisation.  But, hey, reality check here.... life is not always exciting; sometimes we need to learn less than exciting stuff!  Is it possible to make this a pleasure...[More]

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