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Don't Judge


Here's something that will set you free forever. Don't judge anything to do with people. Judge when it is safe to cross the road, and when it is not. Judge an investment opportunity by doing your homework. But don't judge a book by its cover... Even when you've read the whole book (ie. think you've got to know someone), you still don't know enough to make an accurate assessment of their motives, intentions and potential. Far better to obey the liberating injunction and: judge not....[More]

The World of Doctored No


The World of Doctored No The absence of darkness does not guarantee, nor does it suggest, the presence of light.  Light must be proactively present.  In a similar way we must pursue a positive faith - a positive system of beliefs... and we must shun all negative religion, faiths or systems of belief.  Why?  Because following any system (religious or otherwise) of beliefs where the emphasis on the 'No' the 'Do Not' and the 'Give This Up' is doomed to fail miserably. I have m...[More]

Customer Delight


As this is the first entry under this Blog heading, I wanted to explain what I am seeking to achieve: nothing less than absolute 'Customer Delight'. I began in business more years ago than the age of some of the participants on my programmes!  The first focus of the business was 'Customer Care' training.  The foundational idea was simple: organisations with a customer service manual (or SOPs) are deluded when they think they have delivered customer satisfaction when they 'do' or follo...[More]

A Life to the Full


The Living Organisations® is dedicated to one key focus: to help individuals, families and organisations of all sizes pursue and live more of a 'life to the full'.  'Quality of life' is often frowned upon as a vapid statement... yet, quality of life is what we all honestly aspire to.  On our visual mapping programmes we work on clusters of associations.  For example, we might put 'Love' in the middle of a blank page as the body of a metaphorical spider.  Then we give the ...[More]

The Passage of the Planes


When I am at home, the flat overlooks Swanage Bay.  Given that I wake up very early most mornings... and that the Sun rises in the direction Swanage Bay faces... I am often privey to the most amazing dawn vistas.  One provoked the following poem... The Passage of the Planes The passage of the planes Have etched their stretch-marks across the dawning sky Cellulite-like, in places, en route to the pseudo Celluloid worlds of Disneyland and Hollywood. The scars are not angry red...[More]

The Count of Evil


Who is the 'Count of Evil'? Good question - and the answer is his and her name: 'Dis Count'. Discounts are an interesting phenomenon, causing people to pay attention to the monetary 'cost' of a product or service rather than its intrinsic value.  Gavin Kennedy, one of the most accessible and practical writers on Negotiating Skills, asserts that we should not give discounts to people who need our business.  But this is not the evil count I want to share with you in this blog. There i...[More]

Becca and Kelly's Blog Spot


Dear All This is lifted 'cut-n-paste' style from the Wonderful Kelly and Becca's Blog spot. Not sure all the links will work as well as it does on their blog AND I really think you'd like to subscribe to their blog anyway... so, here's the direct linK: Hey there party people! We are stoked about introducing you to our fantastically humorous and magnificently brilliant new British mate, Lex. We like to call him Lexi- Darling because, well it just sounds so w...[More]

Living Organisations on YouTube and Spark Radio


Living Organisations Our unique message concerning how to enjoy work to the full (Living Organisations) is gaining some welcome media attention.  Firstly on Spark Radio, with an interview by Melanie Hoffner, and a forthcoming YouTube video.  Plus, on the 24th June at London's Training Journal Conference, we will be exploring how to make 'Living Organisations' a working reality for the corporations and individuals represented. The individual version of this programme will be rel...[More]

Conference Presentation


The Shape of Things to Come Conference Keynote Presentation and Workshop This workshop and keynote conference presentation is great fun and really practical - and, as you can guess from the pictures, is delivered with a sense of humour! Outcomes The Keynote and activities seeks to energise, engage and entertain your conference participants in a model of communication that they can immediately apply.  One Senior head of department said that the activities involved were the &q...[More]

LearnFast welcomes Sanja (Croatia) to the Faculty


Entertrainment - the art and science of making training engaging, entraining, and impactful - is gaining ground in continental Europe.  It's great to be welcoming Sanja Pesadora as our key contact in Croatia.  I'll provide Sanja's contact details and a little bit of personal background in my next entry....[More]

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