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Passengers, Tourists and Players


As we begin a new decade, it’s decision time!  If our time management programme had one rallying cry, it would be ‘Live Deliberately!’  The call to live our lives on purpose. I’m not necessarily suggesting we have some great and noble purpose - although, that would be good.  I am suggesting that we simply use our conscious mind to make deliberate and purposeful decisions on a moment-by-moment basis. And to that end, I’m writing to you today abou...[More]



Whilst most people have heard of the MBA Qualification, even more people - almost universally - have experienced MBI. So what is 'MBI'?  'MBI' is 'Management By Idiots!'  I meet hundreds of people each year on my programmes - and it seems that all of them are managed by idiots.  It also seems that all of them could do the Idiot's job better than the Idiot-in-Residence!! Are the employees being rude?  Yes, of course they are - it would be an amazing world if we could all exp...[More]

Why You Should Become a Basket Case


If there is one simple and easily actionable step you can take today to become more efficient in your management of time, it is this.  Become a basket case. Not in any derisory or offensive manner - I sought only to capture your attention.  (The original meaning of the term is perfectly horrible and sad.)  I mean falling in love with Boxes, Buckets, Bins and Baskets.  In short, having a container for everything.  As the established wisdom puts it, "a place for ever...[More]

Text Messages


Quick amusing thought for those of you who gain most of your inspiration from the scriptures of your particular religion: those are God's Text Messages!...[More]

What Shape will you place on the top of your Tree?


As a matter of providence, I'm writing this Blog at Christmas.  A time when many people have a Christmas Tree. One of the great household debates is what to place in prime position at the top of the tree.  For many families there will be a strong tradition of placing a particular angel or star at the top as we have always done.  As this is, traditionally, how we naturally live our lives all year round - a favourite shapely communication style as our primary manifestation of our c...[More]

Out of Shape? Ah, the Joys of Shapewear!


...are coming in the New Year Sales!  Enjoy Christmas first then I'll share some ideas about getting into shape... and if that's too much, too soon - how you can use Shapewear to enhance your figure. Go figure! x...[More]

Do You Reap What You Sow?


Answer = let's hope not! This is such a fundamentally misunderstood spiritual principle (because of over simplification) that Jesus dedicated two portions of the Gospels to explaining why people do not reap what they sow.  If you want to know more, I'll be re-posting my Podcast on this - so just email me for a link.  Lexi...[More]

Lex Media Group and Learning Fast and Direct...


Here at LearnfastDirect.Net you get exactly what we intend: We're dedicated to learning faster and more effectively - no-one has time to waste We're direct - most of my workshops and those of my accredited trainers are offered through 3rd parties.  Here is your chance to communicate directly with me and the ganglions! And as the 'Ganglion' concept might suggest, we're a 'Network of [people] forming Nerve Centres' all over the World.  You can tap into that network. S...[More]

Virtual Reality


We have spent days moving towards a new way of displaying products.  Can't pretend it's been fun - another example of manufacturers over-promising and phenomenally under-delivering (especially on the 'how to') - but here goes!  You should be able to mouse over the model and turn it to any viewing position of your choice.  Later, I hope to be able to post the Quicktime version that will give you some of the bells and whistles too.  You then will be able to do the following:...[More]

Let Your 'Yes' be 'Yes' and Your 'No' be 'No'


The Purity and Power of Your Word I had one of those rare moments today when a friend, a close friend, paid me an affectionate compliment that really 'made my day'. If they had left it there, I think I would have had one of the nicest days in what has been a tough year. But they didn't. They 'qualified' their compliment by what they said next... and in a few consonants and vowels did more damage than they could possibly imagine. Kerry Stove, my New Zealand colleague, described this phenomen...[More]

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