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Spiritual musings on the nature of our mission and place in the multi-verse

Text Messages


Quick amusing thought for those of you who gain most of your inspiration from the scriptures of your particular religion: those are God's Text Messages!...[More]

Do You Reap What You Sow?


Answer = let's hope not! This is such a fundamentally misunderstood spiritual principle (because of over simplification) that Jesus dedicated two portions of the Gospels to explaining why people do not reap what they sow.  If you want to know more, I'll be re-posting my Podcast on this - so just email me for a link.  Lexi...[More]

Let Your 'Yes' be 'Yes' and Your 'No' be 'No'


The Purity and Power of Your Word I had one of those rare moments today when a friend, a close friend, paid me an affectionate compliment that really 'made my day'. If they had left it there, I think I would have had one of the nicest days in what has been a tough year. But they didn't. They 'qualified' their compliment by what they said next... and in a few consonants and vowels did more damage than they could possibly imagine. Kerry Stove, my New Zealand colleague, described this phenomen...[More]

Don't Judge


Here's something that will set you free forever. Don't judge anything to do with people. Judge when it is safe to cross the road, and when it is not. Judge an investment opportunity by doing your homework. But don't judge a book by its cover... Even when you've read the whole book (ie. think you've got to know someone), you still don't know enough to make an accurate assessment of their motives, intentions and potential. Far better to obey the liberating injunction and: judge not....[More]

The World of Doctored No


The World of Doctored No The absence of darkness does not guarantee, nor does it suggest, the presence of light.  Light must be proactively present.  In a similar way we must pursue a positive faith - a positive system of beliefs... and we must shun all negative religion, faiths or systems of belief.  Why?  Because following any system (religious or otherwise) of beliefs where the emphasis on the 'No' the 'Do Not' and the 'Give This Up' is doomed to fail miserably. I have m...[More]

The Count of Evil


Who is the 'Count of Evil'? Good question - and the answer is his and her name: 'Dis Count'. Discounts are an interesting phenomenon, causing people to pay attention to the monetary 'cost' of a product or service rather than its intrinsic value.  Gavin Kennedy, one of the most accessible and practical writers on Negotiating Skills, asserts that we should not give discounts to people who need our business.  But this is not the evil count I want to share with you in this blog. There i...[More]