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Latest thoughts on Susan Dellinger's communication model

What Shape will you place on the top of your Tree?


As a matter of providence, I'm writing this Blog at Christmas.  A time when many people have a Christmas Tree. One of the great household debates is what to place in prime position at the top of the tree.  For many families there will be a strong tradition of placing a particular angel or star at the top as we have always done.  As this is, traditionally, how we naturally live our lives all year round - a favourite shapely communication style as our primary manifestation of our c...[More]

Out of Shape? Ah, the Joys of Shapewear!


...are coming in the New Year Sales!  Enjoy Christmas first then I'll share some ideas about getting into shape... and if that's too much, too soon - how you can use Shapewear to enhance your figure. Go figure! x...[More]