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Thoughts on how to become truly customer centric

Loving Brands


[This is a sample of my forthcoming eBook on this subject.  Consider this the practical overview – a foretaste of a publication that will go into far more depth.] What if we could find a secret – a secret that would show us the way to never fail?  Guests at weddings have been exposed to this secret for hundreds of years, but can this secret be unlocked for companies, organisations, and brands?  Saatchi and Saatchi were the first to coin the phrase “Lovem...[More]

How can I be a better M.A.T.E. to my friends?


   What does it mean to be a good 'M.A.T.E.'? Bob Dylan during his 'christian' phase challenged the church to show him someone who knew how to live a life of love.  Love is what I call a 'Life Currency' - something we exchange with a view to a result.  There are many life currencies that help each of us be a good friend or mate* to others.  (*I am using 'mate' in the non-sensual sense - rather in the British meaning of being a close friend.)  'Love' is a difficult...[More]



Whilst most people have heard of the MBA Qualification, even more people - almost universally - have experienced MBI. So what is 'MBI'?  'MBI' is 'Management By Idiots!'  I meet hundreds of people each year on my programmes - and it seems that all of them are managed by idiots.  It also seems that all of them could do the Idiot's job better than the Idiot-in-Residence!! Are the employees being rude?  Yes, of course they are - it would be an amazing world if we could all exp...[More]

Customer Delight


As this is the first entry under this Blog heading, I wanted to explain what I am seeking to achieve: nothing less than absolute 'Customer Delight'. I began in business more years ago than the age of some of the participants on my programmes!  The first focus of the business was 'Customer Care' training.  The foundational idea was simple: organisations with a customer service manual (or SOPs) are deluded when they think they have delivered customer satisfaction when they 'do' or follo...[More]